ceo called hordstrom online department store L a w

ceo called hordstrom online department store L a w

You have just been hired as the Chief Ethics Officer for a start-up online retail company that was just named by the CEO called Hordstrom Online Department Store. The company will initially have a workforce of 100 employees, including a financial department, a vendor-relations department, a Human Resources Department, and a Legal Department, among others. The company’s executive management group consists of aChief Executive Officer, a Chief Operating Officer, a Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Legal Officer, a Chief Sales Officer, a Chief Information Officer and a Chief Ethics Officer. The company has a Board of Directors consisting of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Operating Officer and 7 other independent directors. The company employs very sophisticated technology and has many trade secrets. The company has many competitors each of whom employs many competent employees, and many of those employees have access to their respectivecompanies’ trade secrets.

Your mission for the company is to create the following:

1. A policy for reporting illegal or unethical behavior and for disciplining employees;

2. A values statement for the company;

3. Incentive compensation programs for the sales departmentand for the senior management of the company. Discuss the programs you would implement and the types ofprograms you think should not be implemented and why;

4. Training programs covering appropriate conduct for employees within the company including any areas for which you think a training program would be useful;

5. Gifts acceptance policy for executive management and for the company as a whole. If you think there should or should not be a different policy for executive management, please explain why.;

6. Compliance program involving the Sarbanes/Oxley and the Dodd Frank Acts;

7. Reporting structure for the executive management group, the Audit Department, and the Finance Department. (Does the Board of Directors have any role here?);

8. Description of the audits that should be conducted at the company. Where should the audits be focused and why;

9. Strategies the company should adopt prospectively so that the company can effectively compete against its competitors, who are constantly coming up with state of the art technology, while at the same time maintaining its ethical edge.

10. Discuss what stakeholders you believe should be considered in accomplishing the projects set forth aboveand explain why they are important.;

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