For this Assignment, you will apply the course material by

For this Assignment, you will apply the course material by answering the following questions in a 2-4,page, double-spaced paper. In completing this Assignment, be sure to use specific examples and,references from the text. You will need a cover page, which includes your name, the name of the class,and section, and the date. ,,Psychological disorders and their treatment are a fascinating area to study. Imagine you are now a,psychology professional, working with two separate clients, each experiencing one of the disorders,which you read about this past week. (Be sure to use a different fictitious client than the one you,discussed in the Unit 9 Discussion.) , ,1. Describe how you will identify the specific disorder through actual symptoms which the client,presents, using the DSM-IV TR. ,2. Recommend two different types of treatment options for each client based on the main four,approaches we discussed this term (Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive, and Behavioral). ,3. What specific techniques might you try using to help this client based on these schools of,thought? ,4. What are the ethical obligations of psychology professionals when it comes to selecting the best,treatment? ,,Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers when defining the different,terms and concepts. When referencing the text, you need to use APA formatting. Information regarding,APA formatting can be found in the Writing Center and should be reviewed thoroughly. APA formatting,dictates how your paper should appear on each page. ,,In addition, your paper should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar,,

1. Does the behavior genetics research showing that genes

1. Does the behavior genetics research showing that genes influence almost every aspect of our personality give you the sense that you have a predetermined fate and no freedom to escape that fate?,,2. What do the behavior genetics research on family influences and the evolutionary explanation of sex differences imply about the amount of influence parental behavior has on how masculine or feminine their sons and daughters become?,,3. How much do you think Daryl Bem’s theory of the development of sexual orientation was influenced by scientific evidence, and how much by his own personal feelings? Explain.,

Cultural ValuesExplore the implications of culture in

Cultural Values,,Explore the implications of culture in developing and implementing instructional models for adult learners. Address values and beliefs, role expectations, and communication methods between learners and instructors involved in presenting an effective learning model across multiple stages of development. Please utilize at least one scholarly source to support your points.,,One source is recommended please. Thank You.,

Take either the short or long version of the IPIP-NEO

Take either the short or long version of the IPIP-NEO (International Personality Item Pool Representation of the NEO PI-R).,,Write a response paper on the administration and results provided. In addition to your general response, respond to these questions:,Do you agree with the characterization of your personality? Why or why not?,Was there anything that you liked about the test? Was there anything you did not like? Explain your responses.,Compare and contrast the results given to the sample MMPI-2 and MCMI-III results.

Select a famous individual from the 20th or 21st century or use

Select a famous individual from the 20th or 21st century or use yourself ,Conduct research concerning the background of your selected individual to determine what forces impacted his or her life from the viewpoint of developmental psychology. ,Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address the following items:,,• Distinguish between the influences of heredity and environment on the person’s psychological development. Be sure to specify which area of psychological development: moral, emotional, or other. ,• What family issues or social support systems may have influenced the person’s developmental growth and adjustment?,• Select a THEORY (not psychological perspective) of personality/human development and apply them to your selected figure using this three step process: describe theory first, then share example, then show how the example relates to the theory.,,Use a minimum of two sources (including your textbook) and be prepared to discuss your paper in class.,Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.,

Write an essay 750 to 1,000 words long based on information found

Write an essay 750 to 1,000 words long based on information found in your textbook Psychology and Your Life by Robert S. Feldman. The great thing about this assignment is there is NO outside research necessary! ,Conditioning:,Begin by reviewing Chapter 5 beginning on page 162. Chapter 5 discusses classical conditioning and the experiments of Ivan Pavlov, operant conditioning, and B. F. Skinner’s contributions to the field in particular with his discussion on rewards and punishment. Chapter 5 also discusses cognitive approaches to learning, which include latent learning and observational learning based on Bandura’s experiments. Then, write your essay about one of the following topics:,1. Choose one of these conditioning/learning styles and discuss how it may be applied to child rearing. In essay format, create a plan to help get a young child to clean his/her room.,2. Conditioning still plays a role in punishment, and the text discusses the pros and cons of punishment and why reinforcement “beats” punishment. Explain the theory behind this phenomenon and give an example of it by how you used it when training an animal. ,