Kona Company – journal entries under periodic method – 

Prepare entries in journal form without explanations for themerchandising transactions listed below for Kona Company. Assume use of the periodic inventory system.,,July 1 Sold merchandise to Tubman Company for $2,000, terms n/15,July 2 Purchased merchandise from Apple Company for $8,000, terms n/15,July 3 Gave credit to Tubman Company for merchandise returned, $200,July 5 Purchased merchandise from Middleton Company for $10,000, terms n/30,July 10 Received payment from Tubman Company for purchase of July 1,July 11 Returned $1,000 in merchandise to Middleton Company for credit,July 13 Paid Apple Company in full for purchase July 2,July 14 Paid Middleton Company in Full for Purchase of July 5