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Developing in the mobile space can be a daunting task for developers.  Developers must figure out which platforms they should support for their apps, purchase the hardware, and join the developer programs for each platform.   PhoneGap is an open-source set of tools that enables developers to create mobile applications for multiple devices by utilizing the same code. It is a hybrid mobile application framework that allows the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to write applications that are based on the open standards of the web.  MonoTouch and Mono for Android rely on the Mono Framework to function. Mono is a cross-platform open-source implementation of the .NET Framework. Answer Below.

  • 1. How is sharing code is one of the most appealing reasons to use MonoTouch and Mono for Android?  Explain
  • 2. How is the use of debugging tools helpful in resolving mobile application issues quickly?

Requesting answers in APA, plagiarism-free, in-text citations, 2 pages.

Exp19 excel ch11 ml1 internships


Exp19 Excel Ch11 ML1 Internships


Project Description:

As the Internship Director for a regional university, you created a  list of students who are currently in this semester’s internship  program. You have some final touches to complete the worksheet,  particularly in formatting text. In addition, you want to create an  advanced filter to copy a list of senior accounting students. Finally,  you want to insert summary statistics and create an input area to look  up a student by ID to display his or her name and major.

You want to extract the last four digits of the student’s ID.

  #In cell B2 on the Students sheet, extract the last four digits of  the first student’s ID using the RIGHT function. Copy the function from  cell B2 to the range B3:B42.
   Hint: Formula is =RIGHT(Student ID, 4)

#After extracting the last four digits of the ID, you want to align the data.

  #Apply center horizontal alignment to the range B2:B42.
   Hint: The Home tab contains alignment options.

#The first and last names are combined in column C. You want to separate the names into two columns.

  Convert the text in the range C2:C42 into two columns using a space as the delimiter.
   Hint: Text to Columns is located on the Data tab.

#You want to convert the text in column F to upper and lowercase letters.

  #Use a text function in cell G2 to convert the text in cell F2 into  upper and lowercase letters. Copy the function to the range G3:G42.
   Hint: Formula is =PROPER(Major)

#Now that you have converted text from uppercase to upper and  lowercase, you will hide the column containing the majors in all capital  letters.

  Hide column F.

  Hint: The Home tab contains an option to hide a column.

You want to create a criteria range for the dataset.

  #Create a criteria range by copying the range A1:I1 and pasting it in cell   A44. Create conditions
   for   Senior Accounting   majors on row 45 and an OR condition for Junior Accounting majors in the respective cells   on row 46

You are ready to perform the advanced filter.

  #Create an output range by copying the range A44:I44 to cell A48.  Perform the   advanced filter by copying data to the output range. Use  the appropriate   ranges for list range, criteria range, and output  range
   Hint: The Data tab contains the option to perform an advanced filter.

On the Info worksheet, you want   to insert a database function based on conditions.

  #Display the Info worksheet and insert the DSUM function in cell B2  to   calculate the total tuition for junior and senior accounting  students. Use   the range A1:I42 for the database, Tuition for the field, and the criteria range.

You want to insert database   functions to perform calculations.

  In cell B3, insert the DAVERAGE function to calculate the average GPA for junior and senior   accounting students on the Students worksheet. Use mixed references in the   ranges.

You want to identify the highest   GPAs for junior and senior accounting majors.

  In cell B4, insert the DMAX function to identify the highest GPA for junior and senior   accounting students on the Students worksheet. Use mixed references in the   ranges.

In cell B5, insert the DMIN function   to identify the lowest GPA for junior and senior accounting students on the Students   worksheet. Use mixed references in the ranges.

In cell B6, insert the DCOUNT   function to count the number of junior and senior accounting
   students on the Students worksheet. Use mixed references in the ranges.

In cell B9, insert the DGET   function to retrieve the last name of  the student who has the ID listed in   cell A9. Use the column number  representing the Last Name column for the   field argument and use the  criteria range A8:A9. Edit the function to make the column letters  absolute. Copy the DGET function from cell B9 to cell C9.   Edit the  field number to represent the GPA column.

You want to format the results of the database functions.

  Format the range B3:B6 with Comma Style. Decrease the number of decimal   places to zero
   for cell B6.

You want to identify the location of a particular ID.

  Insert the MATCH function in cell B13 to identify the position of the ID   stored in cell B12. Use
   the range A2:A42 in the Student’s worksheet as the lookup_array argument and   look for exact
   matches only.

Insert the INDEX function in cell B14 with Students!A$2:I$42 as the  array, B$13 that contains the MATCH function as the row number, and 4 as the column number. Copy the function from cell   B14 to cell B15. Edit the function to change the column number to 7.

Change the ID in cell B12 to 11282378. The results of the MATCH and   INDEX functions
   should change.

You want to insert a function to display other functions as text.

  Insert the FORMULATEXT function in cell D2 to display the formula that is   stored in cell B2.
   Copy the function to the range D3:D6 and to the range D13:D15. In cell D8,   insert the
   FORMULATEXT function to display the function that is stored in cell B9, and   in cell D9, insert
   the FORMULATEXT function to display the function that is stored in cell C9.

Increase the width of column D   to 50.

Create a footer with your name on the left side, the sheet name code  in the center, and the file name code on the right side on all sheets.

Exp19_excel_ch10_capassessment_movie_rentals | Computer Science homework help




Project Description:

You are the systems manager for Blue City Movies Rentals and you have  been asked to create a report on historical sales data. To complete  your task you will combine and edit data from multiple sources using  Excel’s Power add-ins, XML, and text functions.

Start   Excel. Download and open the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch10_CapAssessment-MovieRentals.xlsx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename.

Use Get & Transform (Power   Query) to load the file e10c2Movies.txt   to the existing worksheet starting in cell A1. Be sure to load the   information to the data model.

Rename the worksheet Movies.

Use Get & Transfrom (Power   Query) to load the Account table from the xml file e10c2Contacts.xml into a new worksheet. Be sure to add the   information to the data model.

Rename the worksheet Contacts.

Use Get & Transfrom (Power   Query) to load the Rates table from the file e10c2Rates.xlsx into a new worksheet. Be sure to add the   information to the data model.

Rename the worksheet Rates.

Use Get & Transfrom (Power   Query) to load the StoreInfo table located in the database e10c2Transactions.accdb into a new   worksheet. Be sure to add the information to the data model.

Rename the worksheet StoreInfo.

Use Get & Transform (Power   Query) to load the Transactions table located in the database e10c2Transactions.accdb  in the Power   Query Editor. Use the Power Query Editor to change the  format of the Date   column from Date and Time to Date. Load the edited  data to a new worksheet   making sure to add the information to the data  model.

Rename the worksheet Transactions.

Create a relationship between   the Transactions table Account field and the Account table Account field. 

Create a relationship between   the Transactions table Store# and the StoreInfo table Store#.

Use PowerPivot to create a   PivotTable and clustered column PivotChart Horizontal on a new worksheet.   Name the worksheet TotalEarnings.  Use the Transactions table Date field in the   Filters area, Account  table Type field and Last field in the Rows area, and   Transactions  table Total field in the Values area. 

Add the chart title Total   Earnings.

Use 3D Maps (Power Maps) to   create a geographical visualization of  sales data by store. Use the Store Zip   as the location dimension and  the Transactions Total as the height dimension.   Zoom in as needed to  view results.

Save and close Exp19_Excel_Ch10_CapAssessment-MovieRentals.xlsx.   Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.

Project summary response | Nursing homework help

Many psychiatric patients deal with not only their mental illness on a day-to-day basis, they also deal with medical comorbidities. Diabetes is a disease that is gaining prevalence around the world (Chehregosha et al., 2019). Currently, 34.1 million US adults have diabetes; this is 13% of the population. Shockingly, 7.3 million of those adults do not know they have it. For those with mental illness, the situation gets worse. Those diagnosed with schizophrenia have a 2- to 5-fold greater chance of being diagnosed with diabetes than those without (Suvisaari et al., 2016). As such, psychiatric patients have a need to learn how to manage their diabetes.

The research proposal I am submitting aims to study the effect of a diabetes education intervention on mean blood glucose levels during an inpatient psychiatric admittance. Patients who are admitted to the hospital with a diabetes diagnosis and assigned to the intervention group would have their blood glucose measured and recorded on day 2 of their stay. Immediately following, they would receive a 30-minute long educational intervention which covers healthy management of diabetes. The control group would have blood glucose levels checked, as standard of care, but would not receive the educational intervention. Then, on day 7, blood glucose levels would be recorded again and compared to the initial level. The working hypothesis is that diabetes education would have a positive effect on lowering blood glucose levels.

This study is expected to contribute to nursing knowledge the power of education to help patients manage this aspect of their health effectively. Psychiatric patients face many obstacles in managing their health, but education may hold the key to improving health outcomes for this population.


Chehregosha, H., Khamseh, M. E., Malek, M., Hosseinpanah, F., & Ismail-Beigi, F. (2019). A view beyond HbA1c: Role of continuous glucose monitoring. Diabetes Therapy, 10(3), 853–863.

Suvisaari, J., Keinänen, J., Eskelinen, S., & Mantere, O. (2016). Diabetes and schizophrenia. Current Diabetes Reports, 16(2).

Wireframe assignment | Information Systems homework help


you will be creating a wireframe utilizing a tool. You can use Axure, Photoshop, Visio, PowerPoint etc.  Research and review a few examples of a wireframe for websites. Review the sample provided in the assignment prompt and include the following elements.

  • Home page,
  • Item page,
  • Visualization heavy page,
  • Text-Based Details page, and
  • Generic About page.

Below are two resources for your review.

Psy 520 spss assignment 2 before you begin the assignment: • read


PSY 520 SPSS Assignment 2




Before you begin the assignment:




·         Read Chapter 14 in your Beginning Behavior Research: A Conceptual Primer textbook and Chapter 13 in your Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics textbook.


·         Review the video tutorial for an overview of conducting ANOVA analyses in SPSS.


·         Download and open the Test Performance SPSS data set.




An overview of the data set:




This data set represents hypothetical data from a study that examined how background music affected performance on a math test. Specifically, participants were randomly assigned to take a general math test with rock music, classical music, or white noise playing in the background. Further, participants were classified as being either high or low in math experience based on the number of college math courses they had taken.




Here is some more information about the variables in this hypothetical data set:




·         Number: The ID number of the participant


·         Sound: The type of background music participants heard while taking the test; 1 = rock, 2 = classical, and 3 = white noise


·         Experience: Participants who had taken three or more college math courses were classified as being high in math experience, whereas participants who had taken fewer than three were classified as being low. 1 = high and 2 = low


·         Anxiety: Anxiety during the test, with possible scores ranging from 0 to 50. Higher scores indicate higher levels of anxiety


·         Performance: Performance on the general math test, with possible scores ranging from 0 to 100. Higher scores indicate better performance on the test


Help will message you details



  • First, identify a job description for a potential job of interest to you.
  • Visit the SIOP I/O Job Network linked in Resources.
    • Remember: you must be registered for a free account to access the job posts.
  • Select one job post of interest to you. If you don’t find the perfect job description, use one that is close or consult with the instructor.


Complete the following:

  • List the job description you found in the SIOP job bank.
  • Analyze the information in the job post and create a list of at least six competencies you would need for the job.
  • Analyze your current competencies and determine what you would need to develop or strengthen to prepare for this job.
    • Describe how you would develop skills and competencies to obtain and excel in this role.
    • Explain how you would connect with and engage a potential mentor or a coach to support your development.
  • Describe what kind of coaching would you seek to help you develop in preparation for that position.
    • Include two scholarly articles on coaching to support your discussion.

Because in IO Psychology it is a responsibility to understand and use strong diversity practices and often to support clients and team members with diversity training, coaching, or mentoring, also:

  • Discuss what will help you gain strong competencies in diversity practices for your future work.
    • Include two scholarly articles on diversity practices to support your discussion.

Imagine you have been working on developing your competencies for six months.

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Training and recruitment plan for new system implementation | HRM552 Organizational Training And Development | University of Phoenix

 Imagine you are the HR manager of a healthcare organization with 250 employees. You have been asked, as the HR manager, to determine skills required for the new IT system that will be implemented in the purchasing department. The new system will impact all non-supervisory employees. Implementation of the new system has an aggressive timeline and the needs analysis will require effective techniques to uncover skill gaps and provide training as needed. In addition to the time constraint, there have also been performance issues in the purchasing department related to relationships with pharmaceutical organizations. So organizational leadership would like for you to assess whether or not current employees can be trained to effectively utilize the new IT system and improve external relationships, and whether or not new positions need to be added to support the IT system implementation. 

 Create a  1,050- to 1,400-word report that details training and recruitment processes at the organization that includes the following components:

  • Summary of your suggested needs analysis process
  • Recommendations for how to address organizational constraints related to time and performance
  • Linkages between performance, training, recruitment and needs assessment
  • Options for the needs analysis
  • Recommend the best option for the needs analysis, including your rationale for selecting this option
  • Your recommendations for training and recruitment