captain get carried away sometimes H u m a n i t i e s

captain get carried away sometimes H u m a n i t i e s

Please watch the movie The Caine Mutiny (1954), directed by Edward Dmytryk. I would suggest reading the questions here first and taking notes while watching the movie. You can find the questions to guide you below, and you are required to answer all of them in your essay. You are free to emphasize any other important point you observe in the movie. You will write an essay with an introduction, main body, and conclusion section and incorporate the questions into your essay. You can find the essay’s style requirements (length and font size) in the course syllabus. Please do not forget to use the formal language that is required in an essay.

For citing the textbook or lectures, you are not required to use any scientific citation style; for example, “As stated on page 61 of our textbook” or “as stated in the presentation of the leadership module” would suffice. However, if you use other sources, please cite them correctly using one of the citation styles identified in the course syllabus and have a bibliography page at the end of your essay. Your submissions must be in DOC or DOCX format.

The essay will be double-spaced, written in font size 12, minimum three, maximum
four pages (excluding the bibliography page) in length. No cover page is needed.  

• You must try to answer all questions provided to you for the assignment.

• You are not  required  to  use  any  additional  sources apart  from  the textbook and
lectures. However, if you benefit from additional sources, please cite them properly
(Chicago or APA styles are accepted) to avoid plagiarism; and have a bibliography
at the end of your essay.  



  • Does the captain get carried away sometimes? How does he cover up the mistake of cutting the towline by circling? Does he admit mistakes or blame the others? Why does he not want his ship to be the last ship arriving at Pearl Harbor after the exercise?
  • What happens when the USS Caine assists the landing craft to the beach? Does the captain’s behavior change under stress? Why does Lieutenant Steve Maryk, the executive officer, argue with the captain? How do the officers and crew interpret the captain’s behavior?
  • Does Captain Quegg try to gain the respect of his officers and make peace in the wardroom meeting? Why does he fail? Do the officers trust him? How does Lieutenant Keefer, the communications officer, explain the captain’s mental status?
  • Can people be led only by relying on position power, fear, and the threat of punishment?
  • Considering the Managerial Grid theory, how can you define Captain Queeg’s leadership? What is the impact of his leadership on the morale and motivation of the crew?
  • What happens on the night of the typhoon? Is the captain able to give orders?

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