canvas labeled “ public policy issue paper .” H u m a n i t i e s

canvas labeled “ public policy issue paper .” H u m a n i t i e s

Write a 1400-1600 word analysis of a California Policy issue – THE CURRENT WATER SHORTAGE IN CALIFORNIA  – along with your proposed solution.

As a general guideline, the paper should be 60% problem & 40% solution, but I will not be analyzing these proportions. Please stay within the total wordcount guideline as this will be evaluated.

The paper should utalize at least 3 sources including news reports, think tanks, interest groups, and government resources. News sources are fine – but for at least 2 of your sources, use straight news articles and not “analysis” or “opinion/editorial” reports. In addition to news sources, you may want to look at resources such as the Public Policy Institute of California or interest groups advocating on behalf of a policy change (ie. the California Medical Association or the California Health Information Association for a proposed change in patient’s rights laws or the Howard Jarvis Tax Payers Association or the California Teacher’s Association for tax code changes.) You may also use information from federal, state, or local governments including elected official’s personal web sites as well as reports and data from agencies. Other institutional sources are fine, but please do not rely on wikis, individual’s blogs, or forum posts.

? Follow the same basic format you use in any essay (introduction, body, and a conclusion). Clearly address the following topics in this order:
? Issue:

o What is the problem California is facing? Why is it such a problem for the state? Give background information and facts on the issue.

? Class Connections:
o Given what you’ve learned during the course,what political actors would

have to be involved in creating solutions for this problem? Executives, legislature, judiciary, local governments, political activists, the California public? Why is their involvement important?

o Given what you now know of how California’s government operates, where would you expect to see difficulty in creating and implementing these changes? Are there groups that would be likely to fight any of the potential solutions? Would the structure of California’s government (such as the budget process or direct democracy) help or impede progress?

? Discussion and Conclusion:


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