camila 75 words group counseling H u m a n i t i e s

camila 75 words group counseling H u m a n i t i e s

please post at least 250 words in the discussion board on one of the following topics:

  1. Discuss the difference between voluntary and coercive treatment.
  2. Should total abstinence OR harm reduction be the goal of substance abuse treatment. Support your opinion.
  3. Identify and discuss the different types of group treatment in the continuum of care.
  4. Identify and discuss the stages of group treatment


Continuum of care refers to a response of behavioral healthcare to demands for matching patient needs to effective modalities of treatment. There are different group treatments in the continuum of care. Some treatments are done in an inpatient setting. At this place, group members are prompted to begin their recovery, and group counseling will only occur for a few days or weeks. Another treatment setting is the outpatient aftercare setting. In this type of setting, the client has been in recovery for a few months and they may stay from six months to one year.

Detoxification is one of the treatments that occur in an inpatient setting and is considered the highest level of care. Also, it is the first stage in the addiction treatment, and it represents the beginning of the treatment. After this treatment, more treatment is recommended. Motivational enhancement techniques should be applied to motivate the client to continue with the treatment. Residential treatment is at the next level of treatment. During this treatment, patients are placed in a special environment with a high level of structure. Additionally, patients do not have contact with their family members or any other relationship that can affect the treatment. This type of treatment is used mostly to treat alcoholism, drug addiction, and other addiction disorders.

Partial hospitalization or day treatment is another type of group treatment implemented in the continuum of care. This group has a lot of structure and goal setting. However, patients are less monitored than other treatments. A different treatment is known as sober living or halfway houses. This treatment environment is very supportive of recovery and personal growth. Lastly, community care treatment helps patients and provide support to them to reduce the risk of relapse.

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Group counseling for substance use disorders can be open or closed, with open groups having ongoing admissions and terminations enclosed groups having all members beginning and terminating at the same time. Two basic types of group formats are common: psychoeducational and counseling groups, both of which are led by a professional trained helper. Psychoeducational groups are typically brief and can be offered to a larger group compared to counseling or psychotherapy groups the group format is sufficient in that a single leader can transfer information to a number of clients simultaneously which is ultimately cost effective. These groups emphasize didactic instruction and use planned structured activities to achieve the groups goals which are typically defined by the group leader. The lecture offers information that is expected to be useful to all members in attendance, on topics such as the prevention of substance, use issues, and/or relapse prevention. In Group counseling the leader is trained in a specific method of counseling, such as cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, or 12 steps facilitation. Group members have opportunities to interact and group process is an important factor in the effectiveness of the group. Common goals of counseling groups include establishing and maintaining abstinence, learning and improving coping skills, identifying and managing emotions, and developing healthy relationships. In mutual help groups leadership is shared among group members. Mutual help group members relate to one another based on shared concerns and characteristic associated with substance use disorders and they strive to remain abstinent, and move toward states of serenity and well-being through spiritual disciplines an participation in mutual help meetings.

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