butt et al ., 2018 ). B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

butt et al ., 2018 ). B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

read the case in the Word file

Answer 3 questions only of your choice from the questions listed at the end of the case. The response to each question should be no more than 150 words.

Post a brief response to 1 of your classmates’ Discussion Board posts on this topic, noting similarities or differences in your approach.

This is my friend’s post I want you to comment on:

. Design a flexible benefits plan for TEAM FUN!1.



The benefits plan should be made according to the years of service each member should get 3000 us dollars for members who served over ten years.in addition to that, the members who were receiving 50000 dollars per month should get 10000 dollars. The members should however be contributing 500 dollars per month. The vacation plan should also be considered a good insurance company should be given the responsibility to guard the money (Butt et al., 2018). 

           The mothers should be given maternity leave and considerate working schedules for them to get enough time to spend with their families (Still & Strang, 2018). During the leave, the mother should be fully paid. The money contributed should also include the lifetime health insurance and upon death, the family member should be beneficiaries.

. 2. Evaluate the retirement policy in light of current human resource practices. Is it effective for this



The retirement benefit plans for the team fun are not good because all the team members get is a free ticket to the games but nothing financially. The members will not be earning or even have insurance after they retire from the company. This shows that the company members will be looking at an alternative source of income after retirement and there is no planned insurance or benefit policy. The company should ensure that after retirement the members can have a source of income. 

. Is TEAM FUN! family-friendly? Explain 3.


Team fun is not family-friendly. This is because they do not have a comprehensive retirement policy and they do not give mothers a flexible time to be with their families (Still & Strang,2018). The company should consider working mothers and give them good benefits and leaves. The mothers should also be given time to spend with their families. The families should get a good plan so that the future of their relatives should also be secured instead of just sending

them on vacations.

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