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Discuss your understanding of the term “globalization.” After defining the term, provide at least three specific examples of globalization in the sport industry.

Please remember all responses should be written in full sentences and include links to any sources you have used to support your answer.

Your Answer:

Globalization is not only a concept, but also a phenomenal process of the development of human society. Generally speaking, globalization refers to the increasing global ties, the development of human life on the basis of global scale and the rise of global consciousness. Countries depend on each other in politics, economy and trade. Globalization can also be interpreted as the compression of the world and the view of the world as a whole. The first example is that After Canadian-born physical educator James Naismith invented basketball, his Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) disciples exported it, as well as baseball and track and field, to China and its provinces in the mid-1890s. (Cui, 2015; Ling, 2008). Secondly, The Olympic movement is the product of sports globalization. The process of the Olympic Games gradually extending to the whole world is the best example of the globalization of sports. As we know, Olympic offer all countries in the world a chance to join together, it provide a platform for them to have a health and high level sports competition. A good Olympic host can bring tons of tourists and audience to come watch the game, which are basically from different region of world. Therefore we can see this is a great example of globalization of the sports industry.Lastly, now many teams have foreign aid, which is also a manifestation of sports globalization. For example, NBA represents a good example of globalization due to international players from different countries, therefore, the fans of every team are all of the world, we can easily see them wear jerseys of American players. it is not hard to see the connection between America and others countries because of NBA league.

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