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The central topic of the article “Replacing Gentrification with People-Focused Development” was how gentrification is ruining All the Hispanics love you by upping the price on brands because other businesses want to open and change the community. The central question in this article was does it really have to be gentrification Or can I be gente-fication. The thesis in “Replacing gentrication with people-Focused Development” is we don’t have to kick people out of their neighborhoods so we can create a better neighborhood. We work with the people to create a better and safer neighborhood. In the article it said “ Honoring local residents, traditions, and culture is critical to counteract the alienation residents feel when businesses show up that clearly are not aimed at them as customers.”(pg.5). This quote supports the thesis because it’s telling us how by putting peoples cultures in the community wont separate the neighborhood but it will make the community stronger.

The article is convincing because I agree with the way they say that we don’t have to kick the people out of their neighborhoods to make it a better Community. We all work better as one so why not put the peoples culture in the community open restaurants and it’ll be a better place for everybody. This article that I selected I did find really interesting because normally when a neighborhood gets good it’s because white people start coming in and they start building more businesses. I live in a neighborhood where there are mostly Hispanics and blacks and I feel like this article does impact me because my Family members have definitely said that we need more white people in our neighborhood to make it better which I totally disagree with.

The central topic of the article “5 tactics the fight gentrification while boosting community development” was how to keep your home if you’re neighborhood is being gentrificat by the rich people. The central question of this article is why do I have to take the lower income people out of their neighborhood when they want to gentrify a community. The pieces of this article would be how to protect your home and hottest stay when they’re trying to kick you out of your own community where you had your whole life here. In the article “5 tactics the fight gentrification while boosting community development” said “In knowing your neighbors and speaking to people on your block you can build connections and alliances. If you are a gentrifier, talk to the people who are being gentrified. If gentrifiers are moving in on your community and you’re afraid of being pushed out, talk to them (pg.16). This supports the thesis because it shows how you want to get close to your neighbors so you can feel sympathy or not kicking you out of the neighborhood because you’re low income.

The selected article is convincing because it shows what people have to do in order to stay in the neighborhood that he grew up in when people with higher income can just take over just like that. Without thinking of other people like the low income people. This article was interesting in many ways because yes it hasn’t happened to me but I know that this happens a lot in LA where there’s a lot of rich people and a lot of low income people. Interesting seeing how rich people are if they just decide to take over our neighborhood with a car because they have money. In the future if this ever happens to me and my community this article will definitely impact me in the future it’s hot me how I could stay in my community if it is being gentrificated.

The two articles I picked out “Replacing Gentrification with People-Focused Development” and “5 tactics the fight gentrification while boosting community development” they speak to each other on how to protect your community and if it ever gets to that point the other article tells you how to communicate with your neighbors when the neighborhood changes. The idea of both of these articles is no matter what happens you should fight for your community that you grow up in no matter who comes in trying to destroy it or trying to take it from you. The position that these two articles are taking is the low income people that are not taken into consideration about the community. The best article that I found the most valid would be “Replacing Gentrification with People-Focused Development”. Just because The fact that they said in the article seemed more reasonable to me because it took everybody in the low income people in the higher income people as well.

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