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Summer Power Point Presentation: Motivational Theories

This document is due to the instructor in the correct drop box by the due date shown in the Blackboard calendar. The first slide should include student name(s), ID number(s), and due date. The last slide could include the following: websites used in gathering your information, your textbook, the book One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey, or YouTube Videos (just make sure the YouTube Video is from a credible source i.e. Ted Talks, CNN, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, or Inc. Magazine). (4 sources are required with one being from the book “One Minute Manger Meets the Monkey”). Follow APA format for documentation of references on the last slide. Click on this Youtube video link; https:// class=”mceitemhiddenspellword”> , the video will explain how to format your references using APA format. Also, talk to the Columbus Technical College’s Library Staff to help you with your APA formatting. They will be glad to help you.

Remember to complete this assignment as you would in a real business setting. Allow enough time for the completed project to be reviewed prior to the due date. Minimal clip art is permissible but do not overuse. Ensure that your font size and background color are legible to the intended audience and include slide numbers and in the real-business world, a presentation should not be read. Each slide should not be overcrowded.

Choose one of the motivational theories below and research the assigned subject in Galileo. Do not use websites such as;, Wikipedia, etc.

McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y

1.Include two slides with information about the author of the assigned theory.

2.What are the primary components of the theory?

3.Find an organization that has used the principles found in the theory with success.

4.Show how the information from the book “One Minute Managers Meets the Monkey” motivates people (3 bullet points to 7 bullet points)

5.This presentation should be a minimum of eleven slides, a maximum of 13.

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