black students scored lower H u m a n i t i e s

black students scored lower H u m a n i t i e s

Here are the questions and need to choose 2 to answer.

1. In this chapter, we learned about prosocial behaviours. Here are two concepts that may contradict with each other. One is the concept of Altrusim, which means that helping in the absence of any expectation that doing so will bring external rewards. Another one is the concept of indrect reciprocity, which means that the expectation that helping others will make them available and willing to reciporate each other. My question is that,” can you provides some reasons to discuss whther those two behaviour coexist or not while helping other people?” 

2. I have a questions about Steele and Aronson’s experiment in 1995. I wonder why black students scored lower in “test of intellectual ability” condition. I think when people see the test of their IQ, they will try their best to finish it, they hope the higher the score is, after all, it represents their IQ.  Why black people even have lower scores than normal.  They don’t want people to think they’re smart ?

3. According to the concept of attachment, it describes the bonds between infants and caregivers as well as romantic parnter. In another words, it helps to develop one’s personality that plays a significant role to cope with all sorts of relationships under the process of attachment. My question is that, Can you find any relevant example in your life or in the movie that discusses about how one’s personality is being affected by attachment?

4.Credibility is a hot topic of this unit. However, what if a professional says something that is not absolutely true or biased. In this case, it is hard is know the errors since we are all the intended audiences of his or her topic. In addition, in this case, would there be any physiological application we can use in order to prevent those biases?

5. In reality, the bussinessmen utilze the adverstiments and celebrity effects to allure more customers to buy their goods. In additions, politican always use the slogans or papaganda to sway public opinions in order to win election during presidential elections. How these situations assocaite with persuasion techquies that change people ‘s attutides?

6.Self-esteem means that people have a whole view of themselves and specific self-evaluations have minimal impacts on self-esteem. However, isn’t people’s self-esteem built up based on different self-evaluations? Moreover, If a person makes a mistake in a public place, he will feel very embarrassed and many people will laugh at him. So this will have no impact on his self-esteem?

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