began coaching hockey 2 years ago W r i t i n g

began coaching hockey 2 years ago W r i t i n g

Respond by Day 7 to at least of at least two of your

colleagues who have not yet had a reply, in any of the following ways:

Answer any of the questions, or provide support or ideas. $5 post

Some of the things I see on the horizon as challenges is more of the
same. What I mean by that is we are in a major pandemic and it has
created issues and concerns well beyond what most of us have been
accustomed to handling. We are not as a nation, state, or family out of
the dark on this issue yet, and I suspect it will be a very long time
before we return to normal, if ever.

On a personal level, I am 68 years old and have more energy than
any of my employees or kids. I work full time as a police chief and
part-time as a community college instructor. My wife and I own a number
of rental properties in addition to 3 Airbnb units and a fully licensed
bed and breakfast. Oh yes, and did I mention I am about to enter the
dissertation portion of my doctoral journey. In addition, we have three
dogs, each of which has major health concerns. My wife, who is 72, isn’t
really any different than I am. She wanted to spend more time with some
of grandkids, so began coaching hockey 2 years ago.

My feelings are that there will be times when the next burst of
energy will come from, but I am confident it will be there. This
semester has been a scheduling nightmare. There are 13 employees in my
department and at one point I was down 8 people due to being
quarantined. There were many sleepless nights during that time, but
none of us ever contracted Covid-19.

My strongest supporter is my wife. She will do whatever is
necessary to clear the path for me to be successful. This journey has
been as exciting for her as for me.

A few words to those who struggle with time management. Do not
procrastinate! If your schedule is full full full, don’t stop moving
forward. Your workload will not go away by stopping. Create a plan for
attacking that overwhelming workload. Those plans really do work!

If anyone ever needs encouragement, I am there for you. All you have to do is ask. Best of luck all!

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