avoid common communication pitfalls like negative perception B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

avoid common communication pitfalls like negative perception B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Discussion Post 1:

When the organizational culture is well managed, effective communication is enhanced and when effective communication is applied, the organization’s goals and objectives become achievable. The culture, in turn, defines the operations in the organization (Anaeto, 2019).

As per my understanding, in a business setting, coaching is a training strategy in which a more experienced or talented individual provides advice and direction to employees with the goal of improving the employee’s abilities, performance, and career. A similar coaching program was created for the prospective recruits and level-up employees in the early years of my career at Deloitte. All the new, promoted employees are sent to Deloitte University for a week-long coaching session. The curriculum was well-designed to cover all of the necessary abilities for the profession. We were tested on a regular basis to see how far we had progressed, and we were given feedback. There was one area where things could have been done better. The coaching program was the same for everyone, i.e. people from technology, tax, finance, etc fields were engaged in the same training. Per my observation, different persons excelled at different skills while lacking in others. If people were sorted into groups based on skills and then coached, the results would have been far better.

To be successful as the receiver of someone else’s coaching attempt, I believe, one should pay close attention to the coach. If any topic is unclear, one should practice them on a regular basis and work with their coach on the improvement plan. As mentioned in the textbook, there should be two-way communication between a coach and a coachee wherein the receiver provides feedback but also that the sender is receptive to the feedback. In these constructive exchanges, information is shared between both parties rather than merely delivered from one person to the other (Bateman et al, 2021).

Discussion post 2:

Yes, I was coached by a professor just before I came to the USA. He was a linguist and psychologist. He hardly did anything wrong. If I have to describe or say in one word about his couching it would be “beauty”. This takes me back to several past conversions, I had with him over the two years on topics like below.

  • The Purpose of Life, letter by Albert Einstein
  • Don’t remain meaningless to yourself, letter by Prof. Richard Feynman.
  • Life blueprint speech by MLK Jr.
  • Importance of faith and its relationship to the difference between aim and purpose of one’s life.

Such topics helped me to come up with my definition of love, beauty, and justice. He helped me to truly understand that we are here for a short sojourn and only a good observer can lead a meaningful life and contribute to the team effectively. As anticipated it was challenging. It is difficult to trust and spend time under someone’s supervision because it is like you are at the fork and how you perceive training will change the direction of your future life. In my opinion, I did average as it took longer for me to unlearn previously learned things first and then learn new things from him. Coaching reduces anxiety, increases goal attainment, and enhances cognitive hardiness and higher levels of personal insight (Grant, 2007). I believe there are some fundamental rules to be successful as the receiver of someone else’s coaching attempts. These rules are summarized as below:

  • Receiver should not come with his terms and conditions for getting training and coaching.
  • Receiver should be an active observer and listener and avoid common communication pitfalls like negative perception and filtering (Bateman & Konopaske, 2021, p.471).
  • Receiver must surrender him or herself mentally, forget about ego and avoid negative behavior to get fast and true benefit from coaching.

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