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available ).“ duke ellington biography .” H u m a n i t i e s

End-of-Term Written Assignment: Due: 11:59 p.m., Tuesday, December 08, 2020

One of the course objectives is “to recognize the great jazz innovators and their contributions to jazz music.” Your end-of-term written assignment (approximately 500-600 words, typewritten) is to reflect upon what you have learned about jazz—and about music—and to examine how that knowledge has helped you gain an appreciation for jazz music.

For this assignment you can discuss either a jazz style or a particular performer that *we have studied in the class. To examine this style or performer, you are to select a jazz recording that has not been featured in the online lessons, unit listening lists, discussion boards, or supplementary recordings.

*Note: You may also choose a performer or style that we have NOT studied in the class as long as your selected recording is also NOT from the class.

Pick a piece that you especially like, or that you find moving or memorable. As a header for your paper, be sure to cite the recording details: the group (or solo performer), the title of the piece, the composer, all performers and instruments, and the record publisher.

Consider the piece in light of what you have learned in your studies. Examine the work through careful, attentive listening, and analyze a portion of the piece to demonstrate aspects of the knowledge you have gained in your studies.

Has the knowledge you have gained enhanced your appreciation of jazz music? Has it changed your view of jazz? Do you hear music differently as a result? Elaborate.

The End-of-Term Written Assignment is now due Tuesday, December 08, 2020. You may choose to use outside sources in writing your paper. We want to address the proper way to document those sources. The online lessons provide ample information. If quoting from this source, place the words in quotation marks and use a parenthetic citation, such as (Lesson 11) for the online lesson.

You may use other sources, but be sure to document these sources and properly attribute quotations. Below are a couple of examples of documenting a source and properly attributing quotations. Keep in mind: the penalty will be at least a zero for the assignment if it is discovered that you used text from another source in your paper without proper documentation. This is plagiarism and an act of academic dishonesty.

*Parenthetic citation and documented source for website:

“Duke Ellington’s popular compositions set the bar for generations of brilliant jazz, pop, theatre and soundtrack composers to come.” (Duke Ellington.com) Ellington was famous for composing for specific members of his band…

Document the website at the end of your paper:

author (if available).“Duke Ellington Biography.” . 2008

*Parenthetic citation and documented source for book or text:

John Lewis and Milt Jackson are members of the Modern Jazz Quartet. “The MJQ plays in a restrained, conservative bop style that is sometimes referred to as cool jazz.” (Kernfeld, ed., New Grove, p.786) John Lewis was a gifted pianist…

Document the book or text at the end of your paper:

Kernfeld, Barry, ed., The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz. Macmillan Press Limited, 1994.

Please know that we’re here to help. If in doubt, ask your instructor.

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