automatically assigned 3 peer reviews W r i t i n g

automatically assigned 3 peer reviews W r i t i n g

Final Video Project

Once Upon a Time

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In this final assignment for the semester, you are projected forward into time. Now, a grandparent, your grandchildren are online and they are clamoring for you to tell them a story.  Think about what message you want to leave these tiny people you adore, what life lesson should they know, should you sanitize the content or address those things that are difficult and let them know they will be okay,  what do you consider most important for them to take with them? Prepare and then record that story in ca. three to five minutes. If you use a fairy tale verbatim, then focus on the storytelling aspect, emphasizing action and the message. 

Choose or create a tale to tell your imaginary grandchildren. Make it meaningful. Perform the story as if it were a theatrical reading. 

Emphasize the message you want to impart to them.

At its conclusion, briefly recap what it is they should take with them. 

Post your video to Flipgrid…

Link: (Links to an external site.)

What to do: Review the instructions for this week’s assignment.


Review the essence of fairy tales: modernized or not, fairy tales are about communicating worthwhile ideas and meaningful messages to people we care about.

Consider the impact and reaction of your audience.

To practice the art of oral storytelling.

Post your story to Flipgrid: (Links to an external site.)


Choose or write a tale.

Think about your purpose, consider modern adaptations.

Modify or alter your tale to emphasize your message.

Practice with props, hand gestures, etc.

Record your response video and post it to Flipgrid (and provide a link for assignment in Carmen)  

After the due date passes, you will be automatically assigned 3 peer reviews.

Review the assigned peer reviews and provide positive feedback. 

What to Include

A video link with your tale modified for a modern audience.

Be specific on the message you want to impart and explain this at the end. 

Practice your oral storytelling skills to deliver your best performance!

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