attending ethics training every six months B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

attending ethics training every six months B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

For this week’s discussion upload your  draft professional code of ethics statement to share with your  classmates. Provide feedback that will assist your colleague in having a  completed statement to include in their final paper. Remember to be  kind, thoughtful, but courageous so that your colleagues will have a  professional document to live by throughout their career.

peer 1

A code of ethics is a collection of principles designed to help professionals continue to do business in an open and honest manner. A code of ethics, often called as a “ethical code,” may cover subjects such as business responsibility, a code of professional behavior, and a labor rules of ethics. People place varied value on having a code of ethics, yet there are definite benefits to developing a code of ethical conduct. Since an individual’s code of ethics is usually founded on personal convictions, they may resort to it when they are ethically unsure about a circumstance. I believe that a code of ethics is very vital in life, both individually and professionally. As a student, I will be truthful; the more truthful you are, the more trusted you become.

I will be honest; the better of a person you are, the greater of an image you project. I will be accountable since you must be accountable for others to rely on you. I’ll tell you the truth. The significance of truth is enormous since the world would be filled with lies if it did not exist. I will give credit where it is due since failing to give credit to others for their ideas/works is called theft, and we are depriving them of their working hard. I will always be polite since every act of generosity makes a difference for the better. I want to have and offer respect. Among the essential things to remember is to treat others as you would like to be treated. I will have and show faith (Byars & Stanberry, 2018) .

Trust is the foundation of the connections we develop in our lives. The mentioned ethics help provide such a sense for the teaching assistant to help communicate with colleagues in constructing a good working environment; teachers are expected not to make any malevolent or false statements about a colleague and not promise preferential privileges to influence a colleague. This, I understand, is attributable in part to my belief system. While it may appear unethical to me, it adheres to the four principal integrity codes (Lee, 2008) . Through course discussions, I understood that with so many various views, ethics must ensure that it is not centered on a single belief system but instead considers the good of humanity.

I need 150 words reply for the discussion post whether you agree or not 

peer 2

I need 150 words reply for the discussion post whether you agree or notMy professional code of ethics raises my marketability in the business world, where I secure employment positions. It guides in decision-making processes and allows me differentiate between right and wrong (Gunner, n.d). Moreover, it determines the ethical standards I will employ in the workplace. I also ensure my code of ethics is flexible to flexible to accommodate organizational needs. I achieve the flexibility by attending ethics training every six months. The following section shows my professional code of ethics:

I uphold high levels of integrity and teamwork in my workplace. The traits ensures I demonstrate honesty and clarity in communication with my peers and the employer. They also allow me to work together with my colleagues regardless of their age and religious affiliation. I utilize them to improve my project’s success since my colleagues trusts my intentions and believes in my promises (Gunner, n.d). Moreover, I maintain objectivity in all my decisions to control biases. The feature provides need for analysis before formulation of any career decision.

My professional code of ethics also encompasses society’s expectations on stakeholders in the business world. The reason is, our actions in the companies directly or indirectly affects societal welfare (Gunner, n.d). The society also comprises people from different religions, geographies, and nationality. I treat them the way I would like them to treat me if I was in their neighborhoods. I also respect their property and choices, since they have a right as human beings. Moreover, I demonstrate loyalty to ensure I satisfy societal needs before considering the business needs. My code also emphasizes honesty to all stakeholders (Gunner, n.d). Therefore, the society is always aware of my dealings in the organizations. It can use the inferences to define whether I value life and peace in the region. 

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