At least 7 slidesppt persentation+ speech draft (about 5-10 mins)

 Topic: Bitcoin and Blockchain
Bitcoin is abbreviated as “BTC”. It is a cryptocurrency based on decentralization, sampling point-to-point network and consensus initiative, open code, and blockchain as the underlying technology. Blockchain is an important concept of Bitcoin. Bitcoin The validity of each transaction must be verified through the blockchain. The Bitcoin peer-to-peer network stores all transaction history in the “blockchain”, so the blockchain can be regarded as the Bitcoin transaction ledger. I choose The reason is because it can help me learn more about computer technology.
I will refer to the Youtube video “How Bitcoin Works” in the project


Write a one-page (or longer) Word document about the technology or the area of technology you are researching. Grammar, sentence structure, and overall readability will be graded. Use Word’s Spelling command to correct any spelling or grammar errors. The paper should include a title, a one-paragraph introduction to the topic, two or more paragraphs describing what you hope to research about the topic, and a one-paragraph conclusion about why this information will be valuable to you and your classmates. As the final page, create a Works Cited page citing at least 3 resources to support your topic.

  1. Title: The title should reflect what the paper is about. Do not use “Final Project” as a title.
  2. Introduction: The introduction should briefly describe the topic. The purpose of the introduction is to establish what the reader should expect in the body of the paper. Do not use citations in the introduction of your paper.
  3. Body: The body of the paper supports the ideas established in the introduction. Use at least three resources to support the information in your project. Credit the appropriate source when quotes or concepts are paraphrased. Use the Insert Citation function found under the References tab in the Citations & Bibliography group. Use this same function in setting up your Works Cited or Bibliography page in your paper. 
  4. Conclusion: Summarize the main points of the paper. Indicate why this topic interested you and what you learned about the topic you chose.
  5. Works Cited or Bibliography – Give at least 3 resources that you used to support the information in your project. Resources should not be more than three years old and, at a minimum, contain the author(s) name and date. Use the Bibliography drop-down arrow found under the References tab in the Citations & Bibliography group to create the Works Cited or Bibliography page. 

6 Create an Excel spreadsheet that compares at least four data points related to your topic. The spreadsheet must contain appropriate formulas for calculations and an embedded chart to illustrate the data. Format the worksheet using color and cell formatting techniques.

You will insert this chart into your final PowerPoint presentation, as shown on the Final Project Example.