approximately 4 million registered nurses W r i t i n g

approximately 4 million registered nurses W r i t i n g

I need a response to the post below: Implementing evidence-based practice (EBP) will increase the healthcare services quality. Notably, EBP improves the quality of healthcare and improves patient outcomes, lowers healthcare expenditures, and decreases healthcare professional burnout. Practitioners must constantly enlighten themselves on the recent scientific and innovation breakthroughs to stay contemporary on the current patterns and best practices. I will be reviewing the American Nurses Association (ANA) website for this task and deciding whether it promotes EBP.

Registered nurses, including nurse practitioner trainees, can join the ANA, a professional healthcare association. According to the ANA, this organization has approximately 4 million registered nurses who improve patient care and develop the industry. Accessibility to ongoing training, interactions, federal and state engagement, and accessibility to the current medical publications are all available to subscribers (American Nurses Association, 2021). When looking through the many categories on the ANA site, I saw that EBP is evident. I think it was obvious in several areas, such as the newsroom page, study chances page, and training research site.

The ANA’s work, in my opinion, is founded on evidence-based practice. I discovered an area with material supporting how nurse practitioners are involved in Medicare reform, encourage an ethical and safe workplace, and the Covid-19 crisis while studying the website. This data was really useful in demonstrating how registered nurses can help patients with coronavirus infection improve their results (American Nurses Association, 2021). Empirical evidence was still offered for evaluation, comprising infographics and graphs. Because the Covid-19 is a global and nationwide health threat, this evidence-based study will assist us, as advanced practice nurses, in better understanding how we can aid enhance treatment quality, lower healthcare prices, and better clinical care (American Nurses Association, 2018).

As I begin my academic career, I feel that I must join a professional nursing institution that promotes EBP. Since the environment I operate in does not accept change, I like to ensure that as an advanced nurse practitioner, I do not become trapped in a groove and ignore to apply EBP. I would strive for quality care, lower care costs, and high-quality care. By entering the ANA, I believe that I would be embracing a community of like-minded practitioners working toward the same objective and utilizing EBP.

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