apple phone vs android “, W r i t i n g

apple phone vs android “, W r i t i n g

I will Need 2 pages of writing arguing why intermittent fasting is good and why it isn’t good. I also need an outline . Please send me the outline by 12/05/20

This is going to be a persuasive speech , bellow I’m posting the requirements of my teacher please follow it

1. What are you Passionate about.. What could you argue about? Now, once you figure that out, can you argue without bias on the other side? If the answer is yes.. That is a PERFECT Persuasive topic..

2. Go do some research on this topic as you will DEFINITELY need citations to support your thoughts, ideas and insights.

3. Write down everything you know about the topic. Now write down the other side of the topic.

4. Again, go do your research..This is IMPORTANT.. you have opinions, but they are bias to YOU and therefore, you must look at other experts to help you see other sides of the issues.

5. Okay, now after you have read all of this week’s material, you now have the right tools to begin building your persuasive speech. Please do remember that you should NOT read this speech, but rather, speak to us, convince us, persuade us that what you are saying we should follow.

6. You will need to argue both sides of the argument, what you believe and what you do NOT believe. By doing this, you are showing your audience that you have researched both sides of the issue and at the very end of the speech, you are going to finish it by letting us know which side you are leaning towards. You will do this by giving your final argument which will show us your passion towards that side. Finally, finish off this argument by CALLING US TO ACTION. This is done because this is a persuasive speech and you are trying to have us follow you and therefore you execute this final piece by telling us what we can do to help you, (e.g., write to our senators, go to this website and click on the white box, vote, go spend a day with an older person, give to the homeless, etc.). Direct us to this process at the very end.


You are trying to show both sides of one issue and show that you are not being bias in your thoughts. So again, it is not “apple phone vs android”, but rather the arguments for and against apple phones (which may include buying an android).

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