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Part 1(a)(Please use references that are based in the United States and are websites and also use in text citations. Should be between 75-150 words.

Select & research a company who employs one of the three tools.

Company: General Electric (GE)

Three tools:

Six Sigma

Total Quality Management Programs

Business Process Reengineering

Challenge Question: How does the implementation of these three tools make the company successful?

In 1995, CEO Jack Welch made a goal for General Electric (GE) to become a Six Sigma company. Within five years, adopting the “Six Sigma Quality” as part of its culture meant measuring the number of defects in their processes to “systematically” determine how to reduce error and get as close to perfect efficiency as possible. According to the statistical formula behind Six Sigma, the process must only have 3.4 “defects” per million opportunities or chances for error. This requires something very close to perfection.

According to Bright Hub PM, just two years after adopting the Six Sigma strategy, GE gained $700 million in corporate benefits. GE accomplished this by training, mentoring, and strong leadership. GE trained its employees by using the Six Sigma methodologies in the workplace. The course lasted for thirteen days or 100 hours and required them to complete a Six Sigma project before the year.  The training covered different areas, and employees had to define and identify processes and measure process output. They hired full-time Six Sigma Master Black Belts (MBB) to help implement Six Sigma for mentoring. The training took about four months, and it consisted of learning how to apply Six Sigma techniques in their work. Finally, having strong leadership is helpful. Without a strong leader, any attempt with Six Sigma will likely fail.

Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma suggest rigorous internal and external mechanisms changes.  It lowers costs throughout their infrastructure and organization.  Because TQM involves everyone at GE, it helped different departments communicate their needs, problems, and desires. So, workable solutions can be found that helped GE cut costs throughout the supply chain, distribution chain, shipping & receiving, accounting, and management departments without losing the ability to operate rapidly in the face of change.  TQM also helped them eliminate defects and waste, which reduced their production costs.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is one of the most comprehensive and practical approaches to dealing with change. Reengineering is also effective in reducing costs and improving the quality of service. A far-reaching method requires a thorough assessment before a company boards on it to refine its processes. Many firms, unlike GE, have tried and failed to carry out BPR successfully. The reason is that the process requires a lot of time, resources, and knowledge for successful implementation. At GE Company, there have been changes to the operations carried out by management in the past. Previous needs and market assessment informed these changes. 


Fomin, S., 2021. Importance of Business Process Reengineering: Top 5 Benefits. [online] Available at: <Part 2(a)(Please use references that are based in the United States and are websites and also use in text citations. Should be between 75-150 words. 

For my research paper, I will be doing my work about one of my favorite Salvador Dali paintings.

Name of the work- Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea.

Artist- Salvador Dali.

Where did you view this? I saw it at the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, FL.

Tell us what message you think the artist is trying to convey- Although much of his paintings have a huge historical background, being mostly on his feelings about the civil war in Spain, this painting is particularly a tribute to his wife Gala, along with a new method of painting that Dali wanted to explore, which is the use of visual perception to have more than one meaning in one picture. When looking at the painting up close, you see Gala contemplating the ocean; you imagine peacefulness by the way she is standing. When looking at the picture from further back, you can clearly see Gala’s image becoming a part of President Lincoln’s face.

Why do you think this? Illustrate examples of how this message is conveyed. I particularly enjoy this painting because it is one more proof of how great of an artist Salvador Dali is. His painting technique has gone a different level in order to provide us with this visual perception of two images in one. When looking at this image in a big size in the museum, it is very amazing to see the details of each inch of the painting that led to the image of Lincoln when you see it from far away. Dali is known for his surrealist paintings, and most of his very famous work has a sense of “dream” to it as if he was expressing the subconscious in it. While this painting seems a little different than others, it is still considered surrealist because of the technique used. And the use of an image of Gala seems like a tribute to his loved ones, as he did in many of his most famous pictures.

Part 2(b)(Please use references that are based in the United States and are websites and also use in text citations. Should be between 75-150 words)

I have chosen the full-length narrative Halloween Kills for my essay. This movie was written by John Carpenter, Deborah Hill, and Scott Teams and directed by David Green.  I initially rented this film from an online streaming service the weekend of Halloween to enjoy with my family in the comfort of our living room. I will also be rerenting the movie to take notes and refresh my memory before completing my assignment. The story follows a serial killer who appears emotionless with no apparent motive for his mayhem. This story conveys the lengths to which ordinary people will go when running on fear and desperation. The destruction Michael Myers brings upon the town causes them to ban together and make unethical choices. In an attempt to take down the villain that has terrorized the community, the residents mistake an innocent man for Myers. They chase after him until he commits suicide. Lorie pleads and tries to stop them with no luck, thus proving no length is too far when your life depends on it!

Work Cited

Rawls, Murjani. “‘Halloween Kills’ Review: The Unnatural Perseverance of The Shape, Both In Body and Spirit.” Substream Magazine, © 2020 – 2021 Substream Magazine, 15 Oct. 2021,

Part 3 

The attachment is what I want you to write about. It is about Power 2 Ghost. Which the attachment will give an overview about the paper. 

Worth 20 % of your final grade, students must attend or view, during the eight weeks of our class time, one of the following to write about: a sculpture or painting (you may use two of either for this assignment if desired), a live play, or a film (in a movie theater). You must view this artwork during the weeks of our class. After contemplating, reflecting, and reviewing the selected artwork(s), the student will write an essay using MLA style that reacts to the following questions:

1. What, where, and when did you view this art? (Students must view their selection somewhere in the time element of this course.) What is this work? (Define what the work is such as an oil painting or a full-length narrative film.) What is the content of this work? (Give a brief synopsis only.)

2. Who is the author? (Research this artist and discuss her/his background or context. Make sure to document your use of sources using MLA style.) What historical or societal conditions and situations are influencing or motivating the artist? Are these evident in this particular work? If so, how and where, and if not, why not?

3. What is the author trying to communicate in this work? Decide what this artist is trying to “say” to us, or the purpose of the work; then, discuss how this author uses the elements and other components to make a point. Also, discuss if you have uncovered any research that supports or disagrees with what you feel the author is trying to communicate.

4. Does this work have merit? Did this author accomplish his/her intent? Does this work make you think differently? Is it worthy of your recommendation? Does it offer entertainment and messages that are relevant to this and future generations? What does this work communicate to you directly? Did you have any assumptions about this work and the author before contemplation and research? Relating to our core value, personal development, how did reflection and research on this work alter your thinking and how you perceive this artwork, and perhaps, the world?

Notes: use the MLA style to write this essay. It should contain an introduction and conclusion and employ proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

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