animal blood water balloons W r i t i n g

animal blood water balloons W r i t i n g

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writing Sorry to Bother You (2018) – Discussion Q1 to Q4

you have one movie. you want to watch this movie and answer all question.

Q1) Discuss what current companies and situations remind you the most of the themes, characters, or corporations from the film, Sorry to Bother You

Q2) Do you think Putney Swope and Sorry to Bother You have any similarities? Give examples of scenes, characters, or characteristics from the two films to support your answer.

Q3)At Detroit’s art show, she quotes a line from The Last Dragon from this scene (watch video here if you have not seen this movie: (Links to an external site.)-In this scene, Angela, an aspiring pop singer, finally stands up to her abusive boyfriend/manager (the antagonist of the movie), Eddie Arkadian, and breaks up with him). Detroit says the lines repeatedly while getting pelted with phones, bullets, and animal blood water balloons. Why do you think she chose that line to chant during her performance art piece about capitalism? What significance does her art exhibition and performance play in the movie?


Q4) In the film Cassius is taught by his coworker to use his “white voice” to be able to successfully make a sale when cold-calling. Instead of having the actors change how they spoke the director, Boots Riley, had the actors’ voices overdubbed with a hyperbolic, stereotypical “white voice” done by a Patton Oswald (a white man). Why do you think Boots Riley decided to do that? Do you feel like it was an offensive or funny or necessary/ important choice to overdub their voices considering the outrageous nature of the movie?

Q5) What is the commentary the director, Boots Riley was trying to take on racism, capitalism, advertisement/Hollywood, labor and power in this film? (Focus your argument on one (or two) points of his allegory (either racism, capitalism, labor, power, or advertisement/Hollywood)). Use a scene/scenes from the movie as examples to support your argument. 

Q6) In the movie characters highlight/notice Detroit’s earrings several times throughout the film. What significance do her earrings have in the movie (if any)?

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