analyze using collins ’ theory H u m a n i t i e s

analyze using collins ’ theory H u m a n i t i e s

Assignment 1: This assignment is gonna be graded through turn it in and I’ll upload the readings for it. You don’t need to read everything just glimpse and get enough information to cite. Also you can talk about your personal experience and make it as detailed as possible. Just keep in mind I live in Brandon Florida.

Instructions: Readings:… (pages: 353-377, 394-401, 418-424, 425-444)

Purpose & General Instructions: This assignment is designed to help you understand and apply conceptualize readings from Weeks 10-13 as they apply to your own life or the lives of those around you.This assignment is worth 250 pts.


Collins writes about “intersectionality” in which she theorizes about multiple systems of oppression, or what Collins calls a matrix of domination.In your own words, thoroughly explain her theory on intersectionality (30%).Think of a concrete situation (30%) from your own lived experience and explore/analyze (40%) it at the center of a matrix of domination, either as a victim or as an oppressor.

A successful essay will use your own words to clearly and thoroughly explain Collins theory on intersectionality.It will provide a clear and thorough description of a concrete personal experience that you thoroughly and accurately explore/analyze using Collins’ theory.

Advise: The more detailed your description of the personal experience, the better your analysis can be!

Assignment 2:

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 2.04.37 PM.png

Interactive Practice

For each topic you will be required to engage in an evaluative or application-based activity. These allow you to apply concepts in creative and personal ways so that the materials we learn can be relevant to your life and help you grow intellectually. Each week your activity will differ. You are welcome to use a variety of platforms to submit creative and visual assignments if you so choose. In fact, I welcome it.

For your final class activity you will be required to conduct a comparative research project. Please choose a country (preferably one from the infographic above). Conduct research on the following:

  1. What is the federal or local work-life policy in place for BOTH maternal and paternal leave?
  2. What benefits or subsidies are offered to working parents?
  3. What is the distribution of household labor and gender roles within families?
  4. How does your country compare to the USA in all three of these areas?

As you can see these questions intertwine but are separate. It is your job to not only answer them but to make sure you weave your answer together. Please do not just list out a response. Cite your sources and be thorough. This assignment should be more than two pages in length (even if you create something visual).

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