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Please read this short report on the Google’s HRM Policies & Practices:

https:// (Links to an external site.)

Then, utilizing this week’s readings, in your notes perform a VRIO Analysis on Google’s HRM policies and practices as a specific resource.

Does Google’s ‘HRM Policies & Practices’ resource fulfill all the V, R, I, O criteria? Why or why not?

Peer 1:

.Brandon SassersonGoogle exemplifies a lot of what we have read this week regarding how the internal workings of a company can affect an entire market. I do believe Google is an excellent example of the V, R, I, O framework coming to fruition. First off, Goggle is valuable and rare based on its astounding level of technological infrastructure and data accumulation, and they are able to organize their units of employees in a cohesive manner, which applies to the ‘organized’ that makes up the O in this framework. The way Google recognizes the value human workers have over decisions, and also their choice to reconceive ‘human resources’ to ‘people management’ is an example of the lengths they take to organize, which trickles even into language. Google takes advantage of its capabilities to derive the best decisions, which has translated into them becoming one of the highest valued companies in history, so yes, their company’s design appears to be imitable. If one has enough capital to try.   

Jenna BortolussiGoogle’s HRM policies and practices do fulfill the VRIO criteria. First off, there is certainly value in using people analytics for HR. Analytics helps Google with many things like making smart hiring, retaining, and internal management decisions. The value here is that Google has exceptional employees that are both innovative and productive for the company. Next, the article also points out this type of management is in fact a rarity. It comments on how few companies use this type of HR and how “making that transition to an innovative firm is problematic because almost every current HR function operates under 20th century principles”. This leads into the question of imitability. As just mentioned, Google’s people analytics is very hard to copy. Google follows the importance of socially complex resources. Their HR is very complex in terms of technology, knowledge, and all the different data tests they run. The article states the “major problem [for companies to adapt to data driven HR] is that many in HR are severely deficient in the areas of mathematics, predictive analytics and statistics, so they may not be capable of making the shift.” For another company to imitate Google’s HR they would likely have to train HR staff in data education and invest in new technologies to collect and interpret data. Lastly, for the question of organization, Google has proven to make good use of their HR and they have the capabilities and resources to keep it running smoothly.

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