Aeronautics, aviation, math, physics, engineering homework tutor –

Hello All !

I am looking for a tutor that who can work with me outside of this website to be able to write me discussions and work with me to write responds to classmates and etc kind of help.

Pay is no issue – it will be based on our agreement. I am looking for engineering kind of major to have an understanding and be able to search, research and respond me and submit my stuff on time.

I am just a busy scheduled guy looking for someone’s help and reward their time and energy kindly.

e-mail : [email protected] РI can work with PayPal or any other type of pay service. I am flexible.

E-mail me by introducing yourself and I will respond you right away. IF you can also attach some work you have done, I would love to take a look and it’s not a factor to what I am looking for.