advance practice nurses experience complex ethical issues W r i t i n g

advance practice nurses experience complex ethical issues W r i t i n g

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Great work on your presentation. There are several important topics that you reviewed that I felt are very important to nursing research and theory. Nursing theories such as the middle-range theory that you have reviewed is important, as it a foundation to practice and essential to patient care. Middle-range theory is appreciated as essential to the structure of nursing knowledge (Liehr, et. al.,2017, p.51). It offers potential for testing and shaping to enhance relevance and optimize the contribution to nursing knowledge development over the next decades (Liehr, et. al, 2017, p.52). They often describe, explain or predict phenomena in practice. Secondly, ethical dilemmas which are important when protecting patients. The American Nurses Association first adopted the code of ethics in the early 1950’s and has since served as guide for advances and research. Advance practice nurses experience complex ethical issues that threaten their professional obligation (Feeg et. al, 2020, p.1). The Code of Ethics forms a foundation for advance practice nurses to understand their obligations and set forth barriers to practicing. Lastly, technology, which has transformed the medical field throughout the years. With vast technology advance practice nurses can communicate better with their patients as they too will have more accessibility to their data. Through electronic health care records patients’ medical records can be accessed to improve patient care. Using handheld technology clinical data can be used for research and clinical practice, as data can be recorded on time and quickly shared. As advance practice nurses it is important that we also identify potential obstacles that may be faced when using technology. However, technology has been innovative thru the COVID pandemic as it has demonstrated how technology enforced relationships and support through the nursing profession. Proper use of technology will allow nurses to continue a culture of support in the technology age (Samolis et. al, 2020, p.334).


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