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addition ’, ‘ finally ’, etc H u m a n i t i e s

Pick a way you would identify yourself. It can be via economic class, hobbies/interests, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, health, sexual orientation, etc., and in each body, paragraph address a status that is either unknown or more complicated than commonly thought associated with your self-identification and which impacts you in some way. Your support for the status of your identity must be concrete and make use of solid outside sources.

In addressing your identity, you may consider the following: the literal status of people in your position (population stats, average age, etc.), expectations from people either inside or outside your circle, the reality of life for someone in your shoes, such as routines, interests, beliefs, etc. In addressing the significance of your identity, spend some of the paragraph engaging how the status affects you or your perspective on life. It could be in a good way or in a negative way. Be enlightening.

In approaching this essay, consider the following articles from Signs of Life: Nelson (553-559), Lubrano (543-549) and Hagedorn (345-353). Remember how the hidden statuses of starting off poor affect Lubrano and others like him or how those that come with being a female athlete affect Nelson.


Although some degree of analysis is present in this essay, this essay is more heavily focused on concrete facts than the previous two essays. Reference to at least two outside sources is required for this essay. NOTE: Failure to use a single academic source will result in no better than a ‘D’-level grade on the essay. Most likely, each body paragraph should have a citation of an outside source. Sticking in quotes just for the sake of fulfilling the source requirement would not be helpful to your essay grade.

Basic Requirements (Checklist):

o MLA style heading in the top left corner

o A title (center of the page below heading and above essay text DOUBLE SPACED only)

o An introductory paragraph with a thesis in which you identify yourself

o At least three well-developed body paragraphs containing and supporting your main ideas

o A clear topic sentence for each body paragraph

o Concrete supporting evidence for the body paragraphs that focus on supporting the topic

o Transitions (‘first, ‘next’, ‘in addition’, ‘finally’, etc. where needed)

o A concluding paragraph reviewing the thesis and main ideas

o Correct grammar, punctuation and mechanics (Visit the TLC if this is not a strength of yours)

o 12-point standard font (Times New Roman or Ariel—nothing fancy, please); double spaced,

1” margins on both sides and top & bottom

o Place page number at the top right corner of each page with your last name preceding it.

*Important Note…failure to include In-text citations (direct or indirect) and a Works Cited page will automatically result in a failing grade for the essay.

Academic Sources on the Web

  • Any source from ProQuest or any academic research database
  • Any source with “edu” or “gov” in the URL
  • Any source from a reputable publication, newspaper, magazine
  • The page of the website has NO advertisements on it

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