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actions could avoid certain outcomes allows L a w

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Why are theoretical perspectives on crime relevant in policing?
  • Do these theories matter in the day-to-day job of a police officer? Explain your answer and provide examples.

I will put 2 student post ad you will have to respond whether you agree or disagree..add facts and opinons.. you must respond within 50 words on these 2 post below…

1)Theoretical perspectives are extremely relevant in policing. They help many different aspects and ensure continued development. In crime-solving, a detective could use theories to try to figure out what could have happened. Being able to think of many scenarios can help avoid a one-track mentality so they can pursue and look into all possibilities. Developing these theories can also help the crime scene techs have a broader image of what could have happened. This allows them to look for evidence in unsuspected areas and find possible relevant evidence. Theoretical perspectives also help develop policies and pieces of training. Being able to read data and predict what could happen allows for departments to effectively update and correct policies to counter future challenges. Developing theories on how actions could avoid certain outcomes allows for police to develop better training and to prepare for changes.

2)When it comes to a theoretical perspective on a crime relevant in policing it would be due to the fact that it is what gives answers to unanswered questions to make people feel better, instead of not having an answer at all. It helps the law enforcement find a better way to explain what has happened as well and a better chance to get answers that may be right based on the perspective. I feel that yes, these theories do matter in a day to day setting of a police officer. When it comes to theories they can sometimes help when it comes to putting pieces together and solving cases that might be confusing. Using theoretical perspective when dealing with police officers will help them in a way think like the people they are trying to catch. Within this process they are able to have a better chance when catching these criminals and getting them off of the streets.

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