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The purpose of this assignment is for you (a member of the public) to review a station’s performance to determine whether it is living up to its licensing requirement TO SERVE THE PUBLIC’s INTEREST, CONVENIENCE or NECESSITY (PICON).


Find out what you can about your chosen broadcast station/organization. Specifically, focus on getting answers to the following questions. If the information isn’t there, just indicate that in your answer (but make a note to yourself that the station isn’t serving the public very well if it isn’t providing easy-to-access information):

  1. Mission: What are the stated goals of the station? What do they stand for? What do they hope to achieve? Do they have a mission statement or slogan?
  2. Economics: Who sponsors them? View (for television) or listen (for radio) to a few hours of programming on your chosen broadcast station. Identify at least 10 of the station’s advertisers/sponsors (i.e., watch/listen to the commercials). Provide a list of these sponsors. Who is their target market or target audience? How do these advertisers attempt to persuade the people they are targeting?
  3. Ownership: Who owns the station/organization? Trace the ownership foodchain up to the corporation or conglomerate that owns the station.
  4. Affiliations: Are they affiliated with other groups? If so, which ones? If you can judge a person by the company they keep, what do these affiliations tell you about the organization you have chosen to research?
  5. Involvement: How can you participate with this station? List any actions this groups suggests you might take to become more involved with media.


  • You will create/list of one day’s worth of programming (a program schedule grid/chart) for your broadcast station.
  • You must list ALL programs, the times they are scheduled, (24 hours of the day). Check online for existent programming grids or check your TV Guide.
  • You will write a brief (one sentence) description of each program.
  • You will identify the target audience for each program (who is the audience for this program?)
  • You will briefly evaluate (a few sentences) the positive or negative effects this program might have on culture (make sure to point out stereotypes that may be presented by the program.)

This can be done in any format you wish. Most people make a table.

Then answer this question: Do you think this station is doing a good job serving the public with the programming it is offering?

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