acceptable reference notation style H u m a n i t i e s

acceptable reference notation style H u m a n i t i e s

Essay review (1500-2000 words) of Daniel Boorstin’s The Image: A Guide to
Pseudo-Events in America (1961; 50th Anniversary edition, 2012) which will be sent v.i.a google drive.

1) Any references to outside sources (though not required!) must be properly cited using an
acceptable reference notation style (such as Chicago or APA). Students are free to choose any
such style – but must stick to that style, and state which one you chose on the title page.

2) The review must be properly word-processed and submitted on-line through Nexus, in the proper
place, as a PDF document through the dropbox on the Nexus course site. Essays that are not
pdfs must be resubmitted, and late penalties will apply.

3) The review must begin with an introductory paragraph, laying out your initial, overall assessment
of the book. The point of a review is not just to offer your opinion of the book, but to persuade the
reader whether they should purchase and read it themselves. Whatever you think about it, outline
your reasons at the start – this is the thesis of your argument.

4) The second and third paragraphs (no more than 150 words each) must provide a summary of the
contents of the argument that the author makes in Chapters 1 and 2.

5) Then, pick ONE of chapters 3, 4 or 5 in the book, and reread it closely. After briefly summarizing
the argument Boorstin makes in that chapter, decide how well it applies to your experience of
Canadian culture today, illustrating your analysis with examples from current events or social

6) Finally, using Chapter 6 as your guide and framework, in 750-1000 words, reflect on the US
Presidential election from final nomination of candidates to Election Day, including the public
(televised) debates. What kind of image did the Republicans and Democrats try to create in the
public mind of their own candidates? What kind of image of the other party’s candidate did they
try to portray? How much is real and how much is illusion, on both sides?

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