I’m looking to have the attached questions answer by 04/13/2015 – noon!,,,,,,Case Analysis,,“Olympic Rent-A-Car U.S.: Customer Loyalty Battles”,,,,Please read the case carefully and write an analysis focusing on the following issues. Analysis of any additional issues is also encouraged.,,,1.What should Walkins do? What factors help explain Olympic’s performance? What market forces may impede it in the future?,2.What are the strengths and weaknesses of car rental loyalty programs and Olympic’s Medalist program specifically? Please look at these from the perspective of Olympic management, the airport operators, the rental customers, and their employers.,3.Assuming Olympic responds to Enterprise, how should it do so? What is the potential impact of emphasizing dollars spent versus days of rental? What is the potential impact of removing blackout dates?,4.What is the cost of matching Enterprise? How much should Olympic be willing to spend for its Medalist program?,5.What is the “economic value of a Medalist member” to Olympic?