75 points2 lesson plans used W r i t i n g

75 points2 lesson plans used W r i t i n g

The student I am tutoring name is Darrian Smith. He is a Middle School Student at Sherwood Elementary. He is diagnosed High Function Autistic. I started tutoring with Darrian September 26, October 3, and 10th for 3 1/2 hours a tutoring period. We read the short book “Wonder by by R.J. Palacio”. Darrian struggles with focusing for long period of times and comprehending material. We worked on reading assignments. When engaged, Darrian can be one of the smartest children in his class. Darrian struggles with pronouncing some of the words that confuses him but he attempts to say them before asking me for help.

  1. Before beginning, you will give the student the “PRE” Informal Reading Inventory test. You will probably need to allow about an hour to take this test. This will give you important information about the student and what specific assistance is needed.
  2. After administering the IRI, you will set up a specific time each week to work with the student on a specific reading skill that the parent will need to identify. You will work with the student for 10 hours tutoring.
  3. After the 10 hours is completed administer a POST IRI test to the student.
  4. Then create two lesson plans for the “mini-lessons” you will be teaching during your tutoring sessions. Follow the instructions for lesson planning provided above.

5. Once the tutoring hours have been completed, write a two page, double-spaced reflection about the experience of giving the reading inventory and then tutoring the student. Describe the student’s progress and what you feel was successful in your sessions. Describe something that you feel needs more work

Tests needs to be turned in here. The tutoring reflection paper and tutoring log must be turned in here as well.

Tutoring Log signed by teacher: 100 points

IRI: 75 points

2 lesson plans used during tutoring x 50 points each: 100 points

Tutoring Refection Paper: 100 points

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