698 ). analyze neglected theoretical issues W r i t i n g

698 ). analyze neglected theoretical issues W r i t i n g

40% of final mark, Formative task, Two-part assignment

Part 2) Media case study, 1200 – 1400 words

Task summary

  • To investigate and analyse ONE (1) Southernizing or de-Westernization strategy and be able to explain how it stimulates global perspectives in comparative media research.
  • To show evidence of critical research capacity by writing a 1400-word report that evaluates ONE (1) of the four listed strategies using an appropriate media case study:
    • adopt ‘smash and grab’ epistemology (Chasi & Rodny-Gumede, 2016, pp. 696-698).
    • analyze neglected theoretical issues (Waisbord, 2015, pp. 187-188).
    • compare media in two non-Western countries (Waisbord, 2015, pp. 188-192).
    • analyze global media phenomena (Waisbord, 2015, pp. 192-193).

Marking arrangements for two-part assignment

  • You will receive one (1) mark for Assignment 2.
  • There will be one marking round for Assignment 2, after both Parts 1 & 2 are submitted.
  • Be aware that Part 1 is a hurdle requirement. This means it is compulsory.
  • You will receive a pass/fail notification for Part 1 within 10 days of submission.
  • A pass notification needs no further action.
  • A fail notification means more work is needed to write a satisfactory answer.
  • Dr Penny O’Donnell will follow up all fail notifications to support further writing.
  • Be aware that Part 2 requires application of the media theory/critical thinking developed in Part 1.
  • For marking purposes, the two parts will be read together.
  • There must be clear, cogent, coherent and consistent integration of your argument across Part 1 and Part 2.

Learning outcomes assessed:

  • LO1. Be familiar with frameworks for researching the media comparatively across countries and cultures, and be able to explain their similarities and differences.
  • LO2. Engage with critical perspectives on media history and geography, actors, institutions, and cultures, and be able to correctly define key concepts.
  • LO3. Investigate and analyse strategies for southernizing comparative media research, and apply this knowledge in appropriate case studies in assignments.
  • LO4. Investigate and analyse diversity in media practices from the global north and south, and use appropriate examples of diverse media practices as evidence of your arguments in assignments.
  • LO6. Present information clearly and succinctly in written, oral, and visual forms.

Academic honesty

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