600 words per question H e a l t h M e d i c a l

600 words per question H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Please provide a minimum of 2 citations for each answer and reference the files uploaded within this question for the majority of your answers please.

Answer Each Question PHYSIOLOGICALLY. Do not just indicate what happens but explain why and how these things occur. Answer questions to the best of your ability using the information you have learned this semester to provide the most thorough answer. 

Minimum of 600 words per question!

Question number 1: Dwight is a former gym owner, of a small facility adjacent to the paper company where he has just become regional manager. Given his new status, Dwight decides that it is time to take his fitness seriously. He comes to you given your expertise in the field. Dwight’s goals are very specific, he needs to increase his endurance capacity for an upcoming (in 12 weeks’ time) karate tournament. The problem is, he follows a very rigid schedule. Dwight indicates that he has two 10-minute periods each day that he can dedicate to his new fitness goals. Explain to Dwight what approach you are going to take to help him accomplish his goals. How much improvement do you believe he can make? You suspect that he doesn’t understand the science, but he insists you provide peer-reviewed citations for your claims. You are compelled to explain the physiology behind what you hope to achieve in his program.

Question number 2: Your client Meredith wants to increase her cardiovascular fitness. She does not enjoy aerobic exercise and you have decided (together) to design a resistance exercise program to help her to achieve this goal. Meredith has lived a fairly sedentary life, not getting much exercise as a supplier relations personnel at a small paper company. Before beginning the program, you explain to Meredith the health benefits associated with resistance exercise [PLEASE EXPLAIN]. In addition, you compare the expected benefits to those of aerobic type exercise [PLEASE EXPLAIN]. She is also interested in the role that strength may play for longevity/health [PLEASE EXPLAIN]. You find out that Meredith has been working on her PhD in the evenings and you suddenly feel a need to provide citations for each part of your answer.

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