6 additional supporting sentences .• use 4 W r i t i n g

6 additional supporting sentences .• use 4 W r i t i n g

First Essay

In business, there are numerous opportunities for communicating effectively and appropriately. But, of course, people make mistakes. These mistakes are a result of misunderstandings, poor etiquette or manners, or lack of training. Or maybe, the person is just a jerk. We have probably all experienced that at some point.

This discussion will focus on contemporary communication tools we often use today. Think about phone, email, text, chat, video conferencing, social media, etc. What are some of the positive and negative aspects of having to rely on these tools? What would you do differently in business/professional communication versus personal communication?

I don’t want you to post a list or to address all aspects of business communication. I am looking for an anecdote (a story) that you can relate to that illustrates how business communication is different than personal chit-chat with friends.

Remember, your story can be brief and can be about any aspect of communication.

To get full credit I expect at least one well-written paragraphs that is 6-8 sentences long.


Second Essay

• Choose 5 videos from different chapters below and in one post write a paragraph for each video. Each paragraph should have a strong topic sentence and contain 5-6 additional supporting sentences.

• Use 4+ key terms and/or concepts from the chapter that the video is associated with to provide analysis for each video and do NOT provide a summary. You should explain how the key terms or concepts relate to each video. Make sure to use bold font for key words and concepts from the class in your 5 paragraphs. Use the most important key terms from the chapter that relate to each video.


Short Version of the Instructions: Choose 5 videos from different chapters and write a paragraph about each using the most 4 important chapter key terms (put them in bold font in your post) that relate to the videos explaining how the key terms relate to the video case AND comment on 2 other student posts by adding to the conversation (not just a compliment or agreement).

To get started with your submission hit the button Reply below and compose your discussion post.

Chapter 11: Human Resources

Interview with Google VP Best Practice HR Tips from Liane Hornsey, Google VP Operations | MeetTheBoss

Chapter 12: Dealing with Union and Employee-Managemnt Issues
Uber drivers pushing for unionizationhttps://youtu.be/9nz9BDRULf4

Chapter 13: Marketing

Find a video or article about a company or product you like and explain how each of the 4 Ps relate to the product or company. Make sure to include a link to the article or video.

Chapter 14: Developing and Pricing Goods and Services

Mercedes-Benz F 015: the amazing way we’ll drive in 2030 Mercedes-Benz F 015: the amazing way we’ll drive in 2030

Chapter 15: Distributing Products

A Behind the Scenes Look at Starbucks Global Supply Chain

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