6 ), 460 – 476 W r i t i n g

6 ), 460 – 476 W r i t i n g

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Resistance to change is one of the important tasks that have to be managed to activate the changes

accordingly. It is also an act of opposing and struggles with the required modifications. Resistance to

change is also an improper terminology to adopt the circumstances. Employees will also realize as they

are not comfortable with the change in the resistance (Spaaij & et al., 2018). Even after disliking the

change, it will be very difficult for the employees to adjust to the changes and situations. Resistance to

change is indirect will be evidence of the actions as criticism, failure of commitments, endless

arguments, missing meetings, sarcastic remarks, and many more (Acevedo & Stodolska, 2019).

Resistance to change is a very natural activity that is done under every organization which is very

necessary to reach the marketing goals. The change will always bring out two factors of differences one

will be a positive way and the negative impacts. Is the impact is positive the things are well and good if

its negative the employees and the organizations will have to overcome many hectic situations (Di Petta,

& Nogueira Ferraz, 2019). The resistance of change is dependent on proper communication and proper

explanation of the change and its purpose of implementation. If the employees don’t get the exact

reason they will ignore to accept the change.

Employees also have a fear of losing their job if the change is not dependent on the skills of the

employees they will having fear in themselves about the change and security of the job (Acevedo &

Stodolska, 2019). The resistance occurs when employees are completely confused about how to fit into

the new roles and responsibilities. As if a company decides to upgrade the system of sales to marketing

the sales representative must have to become a marketing executive. To ignore the confusion and

nonwillingness the changes must be taken with total agreements of the team and the employees such

that there are no confronts in the future. And the changes must be very clear and must be explained

neatly and clearly such that every individual can understand its importance and its process.


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