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Write a review Write a review Reviews 54,130 ... Hughes Net is horrible. Kelly on The internet is fine, everything works on it but the latency (ping) its gonna be crazy bad which means you're gonna lag like crazy. | Read 37,021-37,040 Reviews out of 65,996 Read about their experiences and share your own! September 27, 2019. With almost 40 reviews submittted by users of the Hughesnet Satellite Internet service since 2007 there is a good selection and sample size to help potential customers. In order to return their equipment, you have to pay someone to take down the radio off the roof or do it yourself, or they charge you AGAIN. I just moved from Memphis to Big Sandy, and the internet service is pretty bad! Jill Forsythe on Speed is good at times, but the past month of May I have noticed that my computer has been very slow and internet was sluggish opening sites. Every time I call the help line they say they are checking and the. I am very pleased with HughesNet except that we are limited to 15GB of daytime download per month. Great communication from them from start to finish. The representative I talked too did an excellent job of resolving the financially matters. The last time we called, the agent on the call rebooted the 2nd service we have here, interrupting things we were doing for our customer. We weren’t ready to pay that so we tried a few more things but it still wasn’t connecting to the internet. Reviews featuring irrelevant statements or all-caps “rants” are removed, since they are not helpful to consumers looking for fact-based insights. Hey on April 21, 2020. I am an employee. Tech was great speed not what we were hoping for but we have internet just slow when more than one is on it. If there is a demand for a service in an area where there are no other options, customers are almost always going to be willing to pay more so businesses are logically going to charge more. They stole the $238 for cancelling as far as I'm concerned. Seems you hV no such equipment. Pricing is reasonable for the lower level tiers but just be aware of the data allowances for each plan, and try to keep inside it or speeds will drop significantly. Ann Williams on I am locked in to their contract and have to drive to public wifi spots to do my school work. 296 Hughes Network Systems reviews. Can't wait until I can get out from under this useless contract. HughesNet is a big supporter of 4-H, the nation's premier youth development organization. I regret I didn't pay more attention to the Hughes contract portion. HughesNet was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on May 04, 2011 and since then this brand received 7 reviews.. HughesNet ranks 472 of 1383 in Telecommunications category. June 03, 2018. I hope they are all that way. Currently being harassed on a daily basis by phone & emails. Read about their experiences and share your own! HughesNet Review HughesNet is considered one of the top Internet Providers using Satellite Technology to deliver a fast internet connection at a fraction of the price. HughesNet claims download speeds of up to … Mac on HughesNet Review HughesNet is considered one of the top Internet Providers using Satellite Technology to deliver a fast internet connection at a fraction of the price. Write a review. When I tried to use it I ran out of data. Slow! You are not obligated for service because if you fail the required Credit check then you are not obligated to have the service. Slow to no Internet. 2 months later they bill us for a box 150 dollars.when we called to find out why they said they never received the equipment but we used the label they sent us for returning it. And during these issues noticed that my lights on my modem have been going on and off instead of staying on. This upgrade allows for nationwide coverage at the same higher speeds and gives rural customers a much more user-friendly internet experience. Most of the time the connection is minimal at best. The support through their support community, however, is very good. This means that you will get buffering while streaming. Therefore the service was terminated. Videos hesitate every three to five seconds, though at times, I have no problems. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more. If there are other options for internet like cab… I needed to change my billing date by 2 days and I had no problems doing so. I would recommend his work to everyone, very mannerly and polite. The technician that fixed our Hughes Net system did a great job. Their customer service needs to be completely overhauled. June 08, 2018. HughesNet has a great reputation for customer service and has a high rate of customer retention. But getting an internet connection outside city limits can be like searching for a needle in a haystack—unless you get satellite internet. HughesNet Internet plans currently offer the best speeds, availability, and service quality. If you use lots of social media or watch a lot of videos you will most always run out of data. I was told that the system would work out in the desert where I live. I have paid $52 for two years on a 10 GIG plan. The reviews shown on this page have all been collected after the Gen 5 upgrade. October 23, 2019. I have watched tons of videos and never had any buffering, at all. We also have their voice service. Good during a natural disaster because it connects via satellite. Gen5 satellite internet from HughesNet is a big step by the company. July 03, 2018. Poor internet service even after calling and discussing with them several times. Terrible service. HughesNet service has evolved quickly in recent years, with the new Gen 5 satellite launch resulting in increased speed and bandwidth for customers across their service area. October 23, 2019. We only show reviews that include specific information to back up the star rating left by the reviewer. Being that we do work from home, we have 2 services here, and both have the same 50GB/month and voice (2 lines) to conduct customer calls with. I used to hate hughes but now it is fast. It does for me. These are clearly not Hughesnet customers. HughesNet has been operating under different names since 1996. Text messages and phone calls from the delivery guys confirming the 2 hour delivery time … October 21, 2015, We have had nothing but excellent internet service with HughesNet, on - make me feel used and abused! Viasat Vs Hughesnet – Customer service . They really do have decent services, just their customer service needs to be completely overhauled. Before you decide on Internet service from HughesNet, learn from 4,456 reviews from verified customers with an average rating of 2.85/5 stars. You guys are the greatest! Trustpilot, a website that ranks companies purely from customer reviews, rates HughesNet a 0.5/10. These people are nothing but a giant scam I strongly recommend you dont get sucked into their bs service. More Hughesnet Complaints & Reviews. If you live in town and have more options, there may be something better. Not to mention, Hughesnet is not in competition with other companies in your area. Thank you all. This doesn't give HughesNet an excuse for their much higher pricing, but it's just how the world works. December 03, 2019, Mr. Wayne Sirois came to our house to set-up HughesNet for us. Upload speeds good enough, though slow. their customer service is not americans and do not understand US citizens beyond the results I ended up paying 450 a month at one time because of kids being home and me working from home and had to get more "data" so we could function. The overall rating of the company is 1.1 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Have NEVER received the speed promised. A far more apt price comparison is between HughesNet and Viasat/Exede—and HughesNet. We filter HughesNet reviews submitted to us to remove those that are offensive, incomprehensible, or fail to provide useful information for potential HughesNet customers. I wanted to provide WiFi for my campground and a business number. Speeds are also often comparable with those of a … Finally cancelled the service but I was charged a $300 cancellation fee. HughesNet’s newest technology, Gen5, offers download speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps. For light internet users, that might be enough. But, speeds are much slower than Viasat and you still need a … hughe March 17, 2019. review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning. Sunshine on There's also a 10GB quota limit and then speeds slowed. Honestly, they are okay as long as you DO NOT need their customer service. There is never a good time for signal. I am not sure we can wait until our contract expires. arrived on site, Introduced himself, ex-planed the installation, was very courtious, and very professional. their customer service is not americans and do not understand US citizens beyond the results HughesNet "provides," hands down, the worst "internet service" I've experienced since dial-up. Beverly on 2.9. hughe We don't stream anything that doesn't come out of a faucet. 61,208 people have already reviewed HughesNet. HughesNet Review – 2020. I use my data to watch YouTube if I use the WiFi I have to watch it in 144p. I was told it was ok for online gaming. Share your experience to help other users. 844-737-2700. Their customer service is very poor at best now. October 23, 2019. February 05, 2019, It's a good provider if you live in the extreme rural area but they only throttle it to 1mbps not 1 to 3mbps, Sharon Chandler on We are getting great data speed now. The built-in WiFi is no frills but it works well and has decent range. Hughes Net streaming after speeds throttled. Do yourself a favor and stay away. We just want to use email, browse the web, and have a VoIP phone service that works. by Joshua_TT Jan 17, 2018 7:46AM PST So I was just on the phone with Hughes Net (1/17/18, 10:30 EST). But I’ve had it for like two weeks and it loads Netflix, youtube etc. Spotty service with blurry pictures when streaming tv. HughesNet Gen5 offers reliable high speed plans with well thought-out features, making it a good option for moderate internet users in rural areas. HughesNet is America's #1 choice for satellite Internet We work hard to be #1 in the satellite industry. I purchased a campground in Jan. 2017. That's not nearly enough if you want to do more than email and browsing. Of all the customers we’ve collected input from, 25.0% said they would recommend HughesNet services. My speeds are great, exceeding their advertised speeds by a good amount, though I know they aren't great for everyone. Yes, sometimes you might get a $99 lease setup fee as of last year. HughesNet connects you to satellite internet without contract gotchas. Unfortunately, it's just the nature of satellite internet. Will not recommend them to anyone!! All HughesNet reviews shown here are customer reviews, and do not represent an expert or scientific analysis of HughesNet speeds, pricing, and services. Rick on You will be charged $400 for early termination. Both HughesNet and Visasat are the two largest satellite providers in the U.S., supplying a satellite network to rural regions across the country. Each time they ask and tell us the absolute worst we've ever heard (phones not supported if using jacks, etc). August 07, 2020, John on We have HughesNet service and it is slower than dial-up. BBB accredited since 6/12/2007. February 19, 2020. My experience was it buffered Netflix movies so much you couldn't keep interest. Gen5 satellite internet from HughesNet is a big step by the company. HughesNet. They do NOT have a 30 day grace period but their customer service was absolutely amazing, especially Josh. This is just one of their many tricks to cheat you. If you're looking to play online, it won't happen. Got my wifi installed in 2 days from the date I ordered it. Much better than phone, chat or email. However the service was super fast. July 16, 2016. View Customer HughesNet Reviews very helpful and resolved the problem quick. Just because you’ve moved out to the country doesn’t mean you want to go completely off the grid. We called the first night and the customer service rep wasn’t very helpful...Ran a few tests and said a technician needed to come out for $125. 40 reviews for HughesNet, 1.7 stars: 'Absolute worst service ever! It seems to do okay during the day, but at night or very early morning, the page keeps going around and around - trying to load (haven't figured that one out yet)! Come back online and say our reception is great. Archie on Order NOW. If you're reading a HughesNet review you probably already know you're limited to satellite internet. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I called several times to complain about slow internet, only to get a quote for a higher price rate. The bad news, during peak usage hours of 6pm and 11pm, you will be very frustrated as either they throttle speed to 1.6 Mbps (nowhere near 25 Mbps advertised) or the Gen 5 satellite cannot handle the traffic congestion. This is all prior to when the high-speed data plan is exhausted. I let them know that satellite just doesn't work for what I need and they were able to release me from my contract . Bekijk hun ervaringen en deel die van jou! The good news, if you use HughesNet between 2am and 8am you could be pleased with their service. Cannot watch anything without buffering. I can't wait till we are out of contract with this company. | Read 65,261-65,280 Reviews out of 66,145 This reputation helps HughesNet stand out among their competition within the industry. On Feb. 7, I contacted Jeff Abert, a sales representative, to talk about switching my service from a residential to a business line. HughesNet Gen5 internet service is here and the plans make a lot more sense than they did with HughesNet Gen4. October 18, 2019. I would not recommend HughesNet to anyone. Unfortunately, after I had Hughesnet installed, I figured out very quickly that was not for me. Let's be real, it's no fiber optics, or Cable, but in my area, it gets the job done. Stacey on See business transparency Write a review Write a review Reviews 65,931 Write a review. April 04, 2019. This company is a joke. Performing speed tests from time to time, we average around 25 - 30mbps down, 2 - 5mbps up. I've had it a little over two weeks, through some of the worst weather in memory, and it has been steady. September 29, 2019. Biggest waste of time. US. They assured us that the signal was strong. More information is available on our Customer Review Policy page. Kenneth Dennis on I was not told this when I signed up. Very happy with the customer service I received from Hughes Net! Not only do we deliver fast, reliable Internet to over 1 million customers, we also deliver peace of mind with our A+ Better Business Bureau rating. This stuff just doesn't work, we were told we would get 25Mbps and I can’t even get 900Kbs. Sometimes even sunny days there is reception issues-I believe they blame it on solar flares? HughesNet customer reviews and company reputation are two great ways to determine whether or not you might enjoy a HughesNet internet package. Both internet providers offer phone, email, and online chat customer service. Pages and streaming very slow to get started but once they start, good speed is held. *Please note we only publish reviews that are: helpful, relevant, and specific. Have you on the hook with bogus contract. Made it 3 times slower than the service itself. I get on average anywhere from 20-35Mbps download, and 2-5 upload. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. 2.9. hughe Thought it might have been a router issue but nothing changed with a new one. HughesNet reviews reflect the issues with their services fairly, but they’re really issues with rural Internet in general — not HughesNet specifically. Johnny on HughesNet is one of the largest satellite based internet providers in US. Just because you’ve moved out to the country doesn’t mean you want to go completely off the grid. We live in rural West Tennessee and I ask specifically if HughesNet would be faster enough for an online gamer and the salesman assured me it would be. Jayne on We switched to HughesNet Gen5. Customer service is good but they have poor internet service. Was told that they maximize your bandwidth, and I use about .5 gig's for every hour I stream any Netflix. My chief concern was that I would not be able to keep the numb The satellite service is available in very remote areas that even the telephone wires do not reach. October 22, 2019. As a satellite internet provider, HughesNet is often contrasted with its competitor, Viasat (formerly known as Exede Internet). Internet went out. 3 stars 315. Overall, it's a decent service. July 19, 2019. February 06, 2018. As a result, when I moved and requested cancellation, I was told by the agent that I would be charged a $205 cancellation fee. Consumers complaining about HughesNet most frequently mention customer service, termination fee and radio transmitter problems. Keep in mind though that they typically don't have any trial period, the early termination fee starts at install. Total ripoff! I would recommend them to anyone looking for great customer service. My experience with HughesNet was not pleasant. For light internet users, that might be enough. Disclaimer: All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners, and are used by BROADBANDNOW only to describe products and services offered by each respective trademark holder. Hughes net has upgraded and increased my charges and the service is the same, lousy. Harold on if i could give a 0 star i would, i had to get this service because of my location, it is in a dead zone so i had no choice. This is true no matter which plan you choose or where you live, which makes HughesNet a better choice than competing satellite provider Viasat (formerly Exede) in most areas. Our service is terrible! It is definitely not worth the price but unfortunately, we have no other option at this service site, not even a landline. on Was told online games wouldn't work when I ordered, I said okay and didn't think any of it. Not valid with Purchase option. This whole program is set up to tell you this system will do anything you ask them for, then when you are trying to quite service, you have to pay a huge disconnect fee. Want to see if HughesNet is available in your area? HughesNet Reviews 54,130 • Average . A dish was left in my yard . In reality, I have no idea what happened. They promise fast service but all we ever got was lagging slow unreliable service and locked in for 24 months.I will never ever recommend or use HughesNet internet service again. Our Review. Read about Hughes in the news, check out our blogs, and watch HughesNet videos! We've had issues with the phone of 1 service from the get-go. Also much more affordable than what we had before. Anything over 100ms is too high. January 04, 2019. A 25 Mbps Viasat plan costs about the same as a HughesNet one, but Viasat's plans are free of those annoying monthly data caps. Thanks to a most wonderful employee, she spent all the time I needed without rushing me so that I could print out my statement. Huges Net Satellite promises a certain download speed (fast) and that it can be used on multiple devices at once - streaming - but in fact delivers terrible download speeds after the first 20 days. We called and they told me they would send instructions how to self check. Geneva on Read about Hughes in the news, check out our blogs, and watch HughesNet videos! Out of 592 reviews, HughesNet has only 1 star out of 5. 2.85 out of 5 stars, Setup new HughesNet internet service or view available internet plans. HughesNet Review 2020 HughesNet isn’t the fastest satellite internet, but it is the cheapest. June 15, 2017, Hughes upgraded to Gen5 and its fast. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. ! December 29, 2019. We've tried different wires, sets, etc but the calls keep dropping. August 12, 2015. The Tech. Mat on Get the inside scoop on what people love and hate about HughesNet before you sign up. When writing your review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning. For the record. If satellite Internet is all you can get where you can live, then I highly recommend HughesNet than any other! I've never have had satellite internet before. I don't stream and I have all of my devices set to not use data unknowingly so the data lasts the entire month for me. Not only are you one of the only high speed internet/satellite providers that offers coverage in my area, you guys provide a fairly good price for families like mine who have low income at the present time. See business transparency Write a review Write a review Reviews 65,529 Write a review. HughesNet Overview. lies and more lies! Overpriced. Honestly, they are okay as long as you DO NOT need their customer service. Not only are you one of the only high speed internet/satellite providers that offers coverage in my area, you guys provide a fairly good price for families like mine who have low income at the present time who can't afford way overpriced rates that alot of other high- speed internet networks charge, that only the wealthy can afford. I'm very satisfied with my HughesNet! HughesNet Review HughesNet’s Gen5 satellite internet service has some of the highest speeds in the industry and is dependable enough that many companies, including EarthLink and DISH, bundle it with their other By Nicole Johnston 17 January 2018 Read customer reviews and ratings of HughesNet's service. Reviews that have been considered useful, but contained bad language or content that could lead to legal issues, have been edited to display only relevant information. Roberta Lowell on Honestly, the reliability of service was better with dial-up. It used to have great customer service, but that has changed. He was fast and courteous. Don't know what other reviewers expect with Sat broadband and speed. Customers have been complaining about the pricing and speed of satellite internet since the days when it first became available. HughesNet is the consistent choice coast to coast. There are several ways we can find out whether HughesNet has overall good ratings and a generally good reputation with its customers. I was trying to print out my last billing statement and was running into all kinds of difficulties. I am 83 years old and what a pleasant day your service tech gave me today. Their phone customer service ranges from adequate to terrible, with it leaning toward the latter for most. It's not even ok for Netflix or a cell phone. When looking at HughesNet vs Viasat internet reviews, you'll notice that both are competitive in the customer service field. Consistently matches or exceeds advertised speeds. Our writers and editors create all reviews, news, and other content to inform readers, with no influence from our business team. Most of its plans have slightly increased in price—except the Business 35 plan, which remains an affordable $69.99. Each internet provider offers reliable satellite services in all 50 states to more than 300 million people, with the greatest coverage in … HughesNet Satellite Internet Review. PROS: They want to help you but they are helpless to increase speed. The issue was never resolved and it cost us $150 just to have them mail us a new box and send it right back. Ron Rhoten on Fabulous customer service, very courteous & polite technician. Customer reviews are an essential part of our mission to make choosing a broadband provider easy. There may be more ... Hughes Network Systems, LLC i lived at 65 Power Plant Road in Scarbro, WV 25917 and signed up for HughesNet Internet Service w/2 yr. contract. Thanks for coming out to our area! My 1 bar Lte is better then full bar WiFi. Hughes really hits the bar now. … June 07, 2018. Barbara Hollyfield on Then it did not last and I am back trying to get an email again. We also could not get any other service. You are at their mercy. Check it out before you sign anything. A 25 Mbps Viasat plan costs about the same as a HughesNet one, but Viasat's plans are free of those annoying monthly data caps. I can't thank her and your company for having such a wonderful employee. The Better Business Bureau is a website that collects customer reviews and complaints. Our reviews are aggregated from multiple sources to give you the best overview about We were happy with the service and the price but Hughsnet needs to upgrade it's service if it wants to remain competitive. November 21, 2018. Visit this website hughe Poor internet and customer service. HughesNet Review 2020 HughesNet isn’t the fastest satellite internet, but it is the cheapest. Very frustrating...then I figured it out...very fast speeds for Facebook..and I also like to play Euchre on Facebook. That said, HughesNet is often only choice in rural areas, and thousands of addresses were unable to get broadband internet speeds before HughesNet's Gen 5 upgrade. The first call on a Sunday was not resolved to the point that I had email again until 9 days later. We are seriously just using them until someone else better comes along. 2 stars 402. Having never used Hughes before I checked the reviews for them on Trustpilot which gave me the confidence to use them. Visit this website hughe Though not at speeds of cable, the speed is okay for rural, no ISP areas. Horrible service. When we finally got in direct contact with Hughes Net and had a very well informed agent on the phone, all went very well.The best part of the entire transaction was Tim who came out to doe the installation.... competent and helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. Edd on They are full of tricks to cheat you.our box stopped working so we called HughesNet to replace they sent out new box but by the time the new box got here the old box had started working again so we just sent the new box back never opened with the packing label that they sent. Always works unless there is bad weather. Want the slowest internet on the planet? A far more apt price comparison is between HughesNet and Viasat/Exede—and HughesNet. Hook up the internet and see if you get a sustained signal or a signal that goes more than 20 feet from the dish. Visit this website It is available in all the 51 states with a strong customer base. HughesNet Internet Review HughesNet has straightforward, transparent pricing, consistent speeds, and soft data caps. On the Better Business Bureau, HughesNet is an Accredited Business with an A+ score. I have had HughesNet for over 20 years. BroadbandNow is supported by commissions from some of the providers listed on our site. January 15, 2019. The only thing we didn't go over were the directions on use .. Hughesnet - fap's "fair access policy" is a fraud! When Blink installed outdoor cameras it was not up to providing the level of service. Tell us about your experience with HughesNet: Your name: Your email address: Trust Mamma Reviews. ONLINE *Free standard installation applies to new Lease subscribers only. Here's where our experience with Verizon pays off. reviews HughesNet business internet speeds, prices, and data caps. Our review policy is simple: be helpful, be relevant, and be specific. HughesNet Overview. Explore Now. Unfortunately, this is true if you compare satellite Internet from HughesNet to wired fiber or cable from providers like Xfinity or Fios. Especially the WiFi. So slow wont load any of my school work, times out every time. I may keep it until my contract is up, then I'm definitely going to try something new/better. HughesNet is rated 2.0 based on 59 reviews » View 112 Deals for HughesNet « Write A Review (It only takes 30 seconds!) HughesNet Satellite Internet Review. Explore the Sponsorship. Once in a while, the speed works as promised. The salesperson told me this would be great for streaming movies. Get hughesnet and you won't be disappointed. Viasat has slightly better reviews from their customers than Hughesnet. December 17, 2019. We were told when signed "the contract" that satellites still received signal just fine during stormy weather. I have spent way too much time trying to get through their customer service by phone and via text. He performed the installation, cleaned area, and left the site, was very pleased with his services. Worst experience ever. We live in the sticks. Viasat Vs Hughesnet – Installation Both companies offer an installation made by their respective certified technicians. The ISP's price plans are finally the same all across the country so figuring out what the price is much easier than it used to be. Download speeds are pretty good, but the latency well exceeds 850ms. HughesNet is one of two nationwide satellite Internet providers in the USA, with the other being Exede. We've called HughesNet multiple times to get it fixed. We bought a limited data plan, but when we run over the service still works, it just gets slower. He was very courteous and took precautions to prevent Covid.. Some others have posted made claims that are totally fictitious.

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