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ENV H 440: Water, Wastewater, and Health: Review of water supply, water quality, and water/wastewater treatment as they relate to human health. Access study documents, get answers to your study questions, and connect with real tutors for ENV H 311 : Intro to Environmental Health at University Of Washington. ENV H 548: Community Air Pollution: 3: ENV H 552: Env. Includes water law and regulations, source water protection, basic treatment technologies for water and waste, chemical and microbial contaminants, and recreational water. The course will address the impacts of environmental change on human health. HSERV XXX: Public Health Leadership I; HSERV 595: Practicum; HSERV XXX: Project Management; Sixth Quarter. SEFS Together. expansion arrow for mobile menu section SEFS Together. ENV H 510: Global Environmental and Occupational Health; GH 511: Problems in Global Health; HSERV 522: Program Planning, Implementation & Evaluation; HSERV 595: Practicum; Fifth Quarter. ENV H 511 Environmental and Occupational Health (4) Provides a graduate-level overview of the multidisciplinary field of environmental and occupational health. UW Time Schedule; Program Requirements (Listings change and become more complete as quarters near) ENV H 511 Environmental and Occupational Health Catalog Description: Effects of exposure to chemical, physical, and biological agents, embracing the community and workplace environments. Some chemical waste collections pause for annual maintenance. ENV H 447/547 Environmental Change and Infectious Disease. Search. However, if you’ve got the time, this is a pretty easy class to do well in if you get the work done. A comprehensive overview of public health and environmental health disasters, their consequences, and the role of public health agencies and practitioners in preparedness, response, and recovery. School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. Apache/2.2.32 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.32 OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips mod_pubcookie/3.3.4a / mod_uwa/3.2.1 Server at myplan.uw.edu Port 443 3: AU: ENV H 446 Also, Professor Burbacher is super sweet and the TA’s are super helpful! Overall, I wouldn’t recommend ENV H 111 if you’re going to be super preoccupied with other classes. It will use a multidisciplinary approach to address the interplay between environmental change (including but not limited to climate change) and emerging infectious diseases. G H 101/GEOG/JSIS B 180 Introduction to Global Health: Disparities, Determinants, Policies & Outcomes (5 cr) Faubion (Distance learning only) G H/ENV H 220 Global Environmental Change & Public Health (3 cr) Ebi G H 305 Global Health & Justice (3 cr) Rivin, West G H … ENV H 311. Community Nature Gallery; Restarting Lab and Field Work; UW Emergency Aid Resources; Homepage. For example: CEP 200: Introduction to Community and Environment (I&S) ENV H 220: Global Environmental Change and Public Health (I&S) Research Publications Archive; SEFS Research Grants; Adjunct Faculty; Affiliate Faculty; Emeritus Faculty ENV H 311 INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENT HEALTH Instructor: Charles Treser ... ehug@uw.edu 206-543-4207 Health Sciences F-461 Degree Requirements 180 credits Complete General Education Requirements for the School of Public Health A. ENV H 472. ENV H 510: Global Environmental and Occupational Health. Quarters: Spring; General Education Requirements: I&S, NW; Relationship of people to their environment, how it affects their physical well-being and what they can do to influence the quality of the environment and to enhance the protection of their health. Chemistry of Pollution: 4: ENV H 555: Industrial Hygiene Measurement Lab: 3: Other departments with coursework of interest . ENV H 311 Lecture Notes - Lecture 40: Incineration. Env H 590 C Advanced Technical Communication in Public Health MW 3:30-4:50 Room: T360 Credits: 3 SLN 14329 Instructor: Deborah L. Illman, Ph.D., illman@u.washington.edu Defining exposed populations, characterizing exposure levels, estimating disease risks relative to exposure. You still may be logged in to other personalized UW websites you visited this session. Refer to the UW Time Schedule or the corresponding department for course offering details. Addresses current and projected health risks of climate change and the policies and measures to manage these risks as the climate continues to change. Below are some featured courses offered in Winter 2021 from the Program on the Environment: ENVIR 480 – Sustainability Studio (Alexa Schreier) Featured Winter 2021 Courses. Announcement from the UW Department of Environmental and Occupational Health: ENV H 490 A Environmental Justice and Health open to all majors, no prerequisites 3 cr M W 1:30 - 2:50 This course prepares students to recognize how socioeconomic inequities can lead to unequal exposures to

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