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On the Feedback profile page, you'll see a member's: overall Feedback score; percentage of positive ratings; recently received Feedback; detailed seller ratings; bid retractions; eBay registration date; Tip Once you reach a Feedback score of 10, you'll earn a yellow star which is displayed on your profile. The seller can create and manage shipping discount profiles on My eBay, or by using the SetShippingDiscountProfiles and GetShippingDiscountProfiles calls of the Trading API. If you have the opportunity to display a photo of yourself or your shop, make the most of it. Gebraucht oder Neu, Privat oder Gewerbe - Jetzt gratis inserieren auf Deutschlands meistbesuchtem Kleinanzeigen-Portal. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a sample of what you're About Me page will look like with the currently selected layout. Feedback profiles. Note that eBay makes available a number of. If you selected the HTML option, you'll be presented with an empty box into which you can type the HTML code for your About Me content. Take an opportunity to edit the page. Images and links to your current listings. Find out how to view a member's Feedback profile, and how to make your own profile either public or private. Die eBay-Website ist in fünf Bereiche unterteilt: Kaufen, Verkaufen, Mein eBay, Community und Hilfe. On the following page, you will be asked whether you'd prefer to follow a user-friendly step-by-step wizard or enter raw HTML code in order to create your About Me page. PROFILE SMILES: POST A PICTURE OF YOURSELF! 1 Woche nach Auftragseingang... Versand möglich. Here’s the lowdown on what you can do to personalize your page after clicking the Edit Profile button under your User ID. Traditionally, sellers' About Me pages contain one or more of the following, all of which benefit bidders or buyers in some way: In addition to the items listed above, it's not out of order to include a few details about yourself—anecdotes or information that might help to humanize you to your bidders. The more people know about you, the more likely they are to trust you as a seller. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. When you click your name or User ID, you arrive at your own profile page. Also eBay prefers image files to be smaller than 5MB. Buy and sell almost anything on eBay Australia now If you are familiar with HTML and would like to take advantage of the flexibility that it offers in creating your About Me page, select the HTML option. Once you've decided on a layout, click the Submit button to save you About Me page. You can use this space for almost anything, but since your About Me page will be linked anywhere your eBay member ID appears, the most obvious use is to promote your auction sales. The type of shipping discount profile specified in this field (flat-rate or calculated) should correspond to the domesticShippingType ('Flat' or 'Calculated') value in the shipping policy. Scroll to the bottom of the page so that the section titled "More Community Programs" is visible. If staying social is the key to the new web, your eBay profile is the hub of your eBay user interaction. Your eBay Profile Page Items for sale: . (My World is now defunct.). Lokal. Feedback profiles. eBay Kleinanzeigen | Kostenlos. It takes just a few minutes to create an eBay account. Collections: Links to items you have chosen to “add to your collections” from eBay item pages. TECHBOOK erklärt, wie man sich dagegen wehrt und was man tun sollte, wenn der Account gehackt wurde. Closing your account. Yes, you can also use it to talk about your kids, to link to photos of your boat, or to talk about how hard your college classes are, but these topics might be better suited for eBay Blogs. Erfahren Sie, wie ein verlässlicher Kundenservice beim Verkaufen bei eBay hilft. It's one of the most fun and one of the least used features on eBay, and it has the potential to help your sales and increase your name recognition amongst bidders. It is easy to share a link to your profile or find other buyers and sellers by typing an eBay ID into an eBay URL, like this: www.ebay.com/usr/

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