500 – 600 words H u m a n i t i e s

500 – 600 words H u m a n i t i e s

For each Discussion Board assignment, the instructor will present a topic that you must address in discussion with your classmates. Participation in the forum is fulfilled in 2 ways: 1) You must create a thread in response to the provided prompt and 2) you must reply to at least 1 classmate’s thread.

For Discussion Board Forum 1, your thread must answer the discussion prompt in 250–300 words. This parameter helps to promote writing that is thorough, yet concise enough to permit your classmates to read all of the postings. As you compose your thread, use the citation format required by your degree program to cite all references to, or quotes from, external authors or sources (check the Harbrace Essentials Handbook and/or the link contained in the Assignment Instructions Folder to verify your citations). To let your instructor know which style of documentation you are using, write MLA, APA, or Turabian in the title of your thread as follows: Title – Citation style (e.g., “Christians and the Study of Literature – APA”).

After you have completed your thread, respond to at least 1 classmate’s thread. For Discussion Board Forum 1, your reply must be 250–300 words. The total word count for Discussion Board Forum 1 (thread and reply) must be 500–600 words. Be sure to meet all requirements. Carefully edit your posts and remember that this is a course that addresses composition; thus, your Discussion Board Forum posts will be graded on the following: content, organization, writing style, and grammar.

When composing your reply, note that statements such as “I like what you said” or “I disagree with your comment” do not count as replies. You must explain why you liked or disliked the thread by adding additional thoughts or ideas if you agreed with the author, or by providing alternative thoughts or ideas when you disagree with the author. Keep in mind that, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with your classmates’ opinions, you must be respectful and courteous in every interaction. For more on proper discussion, consult the communication policy found in Liberty University’s

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