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5 pointsexpand paper format assessmentpaper format7 B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e


Write a 1,000-1,250-word essay that presents your analysis of your CLC group’s effectiveness. Include the following in your paper: I will Share the group members names everyone participated what we needed as a group would be better communication. Members names are Alyssa Balding, Briana Neilson, Alanah Montoya, Angelina Robles, Alyssa Giacone.

Leaders i would say Alyssa G. & Alyssa B they were in charge of most group discussions. Everyone else was still a part of the group and participated.

  1. Group Effectiveness – Discuss the skills that you use to work effectively in your CLC team. What skills are not used that might help your team be more effective?
  2. Group Development – Using either Tuckman’s Stages or Fisher’s Phases, describe the development of your group. How useful were Tuckman’s Stages or Fisher’s Phases in accurately explaining your group’s development?
  3. Norms – Identify the interaction, achievement, status, and procedural norms for your group. Identify whether or not these norms are explicit or implicit. Be sure to give examples.
  4. Leadership – Who is (are) the leader(s) of your group? Did your group appoint a leader, or did the leader(s) emerge? Describe and analyze the leadership of your group.
  5. Roles – Identify each group member by name and the role(s) they played in the group. Discuss the distribution of tasks, maintenance, and self-centered roles using the terminology of the text.
  6. Participation – Identify each group member by name and describe each group member’s level of participation in the group process.

You are required to use three to five cited and references sources.


CLC team skills (B)

Development of CLC group

Interaction, achievement, status, and procedural norms

Group leadership

Roles, distribution of tasks, and maintenance

Group members and participation

Thesis Development and Purpose

Argument Logic and Construction

Mechanics of Writing

Paper Format

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