5 points ): use apa format W r i t i n g

5 points ): use apa format W r i t i n g

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Recreation Research Paper

The paper should be between 4-6 pages long. Must be typed, double spaced, 12-

point font, 1-inch margins and should follow the American Psychological Association

(APA) style (6th ed.)

Pages 1-4 =Profile Outline (10 points):

1. History – when & where did activity begin.

2. Current Use and Patterns – who participates, how many, what is the range and

what is the stereotypical user, (look for international as well as U.S. statistics but

segment the data), what are the trends – is it growing or in decline – does the current

user have other characteristics related to income level, race, gender or ethnicity.

3. Safety and Mortality – who is getting hurt, any data on accident rates or mortality


4. Cost to Participate – calculate what it costs to participate both in terms of start-up

costs for the novice and on-going costs. (e.g a golfer needs clubs, balls and then

faces green fees).

5. Organizations and Support Industries – professional groups or voluntary

organizations that are involved in controlling or supporting the sport.

Pages 3-6 = Impact Issues (10 points):

  • What seems to be the problem (s)? What data or research supports this?
  • What responses have been made to this problem (or suggested) by political and/or social entities and/or recreation resource managers (e.g park personnel).
  • Summary and conclusion including your recommendations of what needs to happen for the good of participants and for the environment.

Last Page = Reference list (5 points):

Use APA format to list your references. In addition to general resources that build

the profile for the outdoor recreation activity make sure you review scientific

journals for any studies done on the environmental impact of the sport or user-based

studies that might reference participation, safety, or conflicts. The paper needs to

have at least 6 references of which 2 will be journal citations.

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