5 paragraph essay structure W r i t i n g

5 paragraph essay structure W r i t i n g

*It could be said that we process our world in terms of language. Using two examples from your own experience and one example from “The Day Language Came into My Life”, write a five paragraph essay illustrating the validity of this observation. For example, aside from photographs and videos, your trip exists only in the words you use to describe it, whether spoken or written words. ( I want your working thesis statement before the decline. you have 10 hours from now to send it to me )

The thesis of an essay is the main point/idea stated in just one declarative sentence (not a question which is an interrogative sentence). A declarative sentence states a point. An interrogative sentence asks a question ( to interrogate means to ask questions, as of a witness in court). You certainly may use a question as part of your introduction to get your readers to start thinking about something, but the actual thesis must be a declarative sentence that ends with a period and includes two things:

1) your topic for example, “going to the zoo when I was five years old”

2) an attitude, or point, about your topic “It was terrifying”

So, put together a strong thesis makes the main point about your subject: “When I went to the zoo as a five-year-old, I was terrified.”

The 5 paragraph Essay Structure:

Paragraph 1 Introduction that gets the reader’s attention with a summary, quotation, background, or interesting

fact. Place your thesis sentence (main point) at the beginning or end of this paragraph.

Paragraphs 2-4 These are your 3 supporting examples. Two paragraphs are describing and explaining your personal experiences and one paragraph is an example from the reading by Helen Keller . Be specific and use sensory details (sight, sound, etc.) and figurative language (metaphors, similes, personification) .

Paragarph 5. Conclusion that leaves a lasting impression with a summary, quotation, or suggestion for your

reader to consider. You could restate your thesis at the beginning or end of this concluding


Prooread out loud as you write your drafts and edit carefully for all the areas : spelling, grammar, punctuation, wording, typos.

The reading is attached below

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