5 – 10 minutes written outline W r i t i n g

5 – 10 minutes written outline W r i t i n g


Identify stakeholders, perspectives, and rhetorical strategies used in public, academic, and professional conversations

Represent data, evidence, and information clearly and ethically

  • Effectively implement the discourse and genre conventions of specific public, academic, and professional communities
  • Features
  • Elements:
  • Multimodal Artifact: PowerPoint, 10–15 slides OR original video, 5 minutes
  • Oral Presentation: 5–10 minutes

Written Outline (including citations)

  • Grading: When reading your assignment, I will evaluate your work based on the following diagnostic criteria
  • Multimodal Artifact
  • Text: Do you avoid transcribing complete sentences? Are your bullets and titles clear enough to help your audience follow your speaking?
  • Imagery: Do your slides or scenes contain relevant, compelling pictures, charts, and graphics? Do your choices of color and font amplify your message?

Organization: Do your slides or scenes communicate discrete ideas? Do these parts flow together in a cohesive whole? Do you use appropriate transitions?

  • Oral Presentation

Physical Bearing: Do you maintain eye contact with your audience? Is your voice steady? Voice audible?

  • Writing Assignment: Research Presentation
  • Flow: Does your speaking feel practiced? Do you make smooth transitions between points??
  • Integration with Visuals: Do you make sure to align your visual aids with your spoken words, not pulling too far forward or behind?
  • Guidelines Your multimodal presentation must include some, or all, of the following

Visuals: Appropriate images, colors, styles of font, cohesion, and more that we’ll discuss in class

  • Sounds: i.e. background music, audio recording, previously recorded interviews or video. Pay close attention to what needs changing to fit this new genre:

Audience: Is your audience the same for your presentation as it was for your paper? Make sure to keep your new audience in mind, providing more/less background info, focusing on particular points your audience may find more compelling or lend themselves better to this new format.

Subject: You’re developing this presentation based on your research paper, but remember that some topics don’t translate well from text. If one of your main points is difficult to translate, try approaching it from another angle or developing a different point instead

Modes/Mediums: You’ve already got loads of content developed textually. Don’t neglect it, but don’t lean on it, either. The point of this assignment is to get you thinking about what modes of communication are more effective in different situations, so take full advantage of the visual, auditory, and digital modes at your disposal.

Cover Letter As a final step, please create a cover letter (approx. 500 words) reflecting on your answers to these questions:·

What was your process like for writing your paper? How did you approach your writing for this project?

  • What stages of drafting did you move through and why?
  • What are the conventions of the genre you’re writing in?
  • Compared to other genres of writing you’re familiar with, how did the genre conventions for this piece challenge you or change you as a writer? And why?

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