4 points ): count proportion (%) large playground small playground B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

4 points ): count proportion (%) large playground small playground B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Sampling design assignment (10-points)

Learning Objective:

  • Student should be able to use MS Excel random number generator to select a list of numbers as study participants.
  • Student should be able to use a list of criteria to demonstrate stratified sampling design using MS Excel.
  • Problem statement: You are the lead researcher on a project to examine N=101 recreation facilities at Hotels in the State of Indiana. The records obtained from a government computer show a particular number of recreation facilities at these hotels, and at this point in the study you are interested in verifying the types of facilities. Sadly, there is not enough time and resources for you to visit all 101 open recreation facilities at the hotels under consideration, so it becomes necessary to choose some sampling scheme in order to obtain a representative sample of hotels.
  • Problem statement: The primary investigator on a city parks project has taken notice of your skills and wants you to examine the relationship between playground type (small playground, large playground, no playground) and whether whole families patronize the parks. The city has provided you with a list that has all current (N=150) park IDs, total current patronage by family size and a playground type flag. For simplicity, the list has been sorted by the playground type indicator.
  • Suppose N = 101 hotels with open recreation facilities are recorded and a sample of size n = 30 is to be drawn and analyzed.
  • All elements of the sample should have an equal non-zero chance of selection.
  • Choose 30 hotels at random and record the hotel index number.

Paste a screen shot of your MS Excel randomly generated hotels list here (Hint: Use random number generator in MS Excel as demonstrated in class) – (3 points)

Using the attached MS Excel spreadsheet, draw a proportionate stratified sample of size n=30 from the list using playground type as your strata. Assume that playground type is spread equally among city parks.

  • Complete the table of Counts & proportions below (3 points):
  • Paste your new dataset (n = 30) here (4 points):


Proportion (%)

Large playground

Small playground

No playground


(Note – your new dataset should display the correct proportions for the 3 categories of playground types. The steps for completing this assignment were demonstrated in class. See Week 2_Lecture 3, slide 29)

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