3rd person perspective suggested outlinebegin H u m a n i t i e s

3rd person perspective suggested outlinebegin H u m a n i t i e s


The purpose of this essay is to explain, through the use of a thesis, what was most valuable for you about this class.


In the beginning of the semester, you wrote an essay that asked you to answer a question regarding what you believe to be true. We have discussed the writing process to some length—focusing mostly on thesis development—and we have paralleled that with theoretical frameworks that inform the lives we live. The texts we read, discussed, and analyzed in this class all speak to the value of life. The assigned texts were not assigned to fill in a syllabus requirement; they were assigned because they speak to our most human emotions, reasoning, and even skepticism. The class environment fostered an intellectual atmosphere where ideas could be heard and thought about. At the end of the day, we processed (together) some of life’s deepest and/or trivial questions in the hope that we could have an answer to them and view the world in a new way. This assignment will ask you to think about your learning experience in this class and articulate it in the form of an essay.


Respond to the following question with a well-developed thesis that is defended with evidence throughout:

How important are some of the ideas

you thought about in this class, and why?


  • Write 1½ pages of single spaced Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • Use one-inch margins
  • Include an original title
  • Include a thesis with one claim and one rationale
  • Quote from any assigned texts
  • For this essay, you may write from 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person perspective

Suggested Outline

  1. Begin by briefly explaining the importance of one theoretical framework. Think about: why are ideas important? What are ideas? How do ideas change the way we behave and view the world? To help you be specific, include the name of the author who writes about that specific idea. Again, be specific about the ideas; I can’t emphasize this point enough. You will do far better if you are specific about the idea.
  2. At the end of the your first paragraph, write your thesis.
  3. The body of the essay will use evidence to support your rationale. Your experiences in this class count as evidence, as well as the class discussions, homework, group work, lectures, one-on-one conversations, lingering questions, journals, freewrites, Canvas work, and texts.
  4. Conclude your essay be restating your thesis.

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