3 “ things ” employees deserve W r i t i n g

3 “ things ” employees deserve W r i t i n g

  1. Either/or: The Covid-19 Pandemic and Labor Rights and worker dignity. What do employees deserve during something as catastrophic as the Pandemic? Answer how you’d like. Pick a specific company or talk more generally. Pick 2-3 “things” employees deserve and answer in no fewer than 4 paragraphs.
  1. Identify and explain one way you can address workplace discrimination as an individual (whether you are a manager or not) and TWO ways you could address workplace discrimination as an organization (hypothetically, if you were a CEO).Answer in 4+ paragraphs.

Note: Saying something related to “I won’t discriminate” or “I will treat people fairly” doesn’t count and will get you zero points.

  1. Your boss comes to your desk and says to you, “Ugh, I’m supposed to tell you to put pronouns in your email signature from now on. We all know you’re a ___(Insert his assumption of your gender identity here). This is so unnecessary.” How might you respond to your boss? Respond as if you were directly speaking to your boss. Respond with 4+ paragraphs.
  1. You often catch your boss “mansplaining” to your coworkers. First, explain “mansplaining” to your boss. Then, explain why it is harmful and how they can begin to overcome this behavior. Answer in 4+ paragraphs.
  1. Think back to the Rana Plaza case and the Wettstein article on the “complicity” of human rights abuses. First, how were the corporate and state actors who were involved in the disaster complicit in human rights violations? Second, if you could go back in time to any point before the disaster, what steps would you have advised any of the organizations to take in this case? 4+ paragraphs

Wettstein-Complicity (BEQ article) pdf attached

  1. Compare and contrast the positives and negatives of the environmental strategy of fast fashion firms like H&M. That is, what are some pros and cons of their approaches to environmental sustainability (how we’ve defined it in class)? Are there pros? Cons? 3+_ paragraphs

The criteria for environmentally sustainable businesses are:

  1. uses only natural resources that are consumed at a rate below their natural reproduction, or a rate below the development of substitutes
  2. does not cause emissions that accumulate in the environment at a rate beyond the capacity of the natural system to absorb and assimilate these emissions
  3. Finally, they do not engage in activity that degrades eco-system services.

Please use these.

  1. Revised script: As discussed in Michael Sandel’s TED Talk on market societies, what is the difference between a market society and a market economy? Subsequently, what is one clear downfall (in his estimation), of putting a price on everything? The answer is 3-4 paragraphs.

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