2a 25 years old male patient diagnosed W r i t i n g

2a 25 years old male patient diagnosed W r i t i n g

Write 5 pages using the APA format for health care professionals. The title page and reference list are not included in the maximal number of pages. The topic is Negligence in Nursing: Breach of duty that causes harm to the patient. Write about what negligence in nursing is in introduction and then include 2 case studies below and write your opinion about it.

Case Study #1

RN Jane is on her second post graduate rotation in a large general medical ward. One of Janes assigned patients is Mrs. G who is 40 years of age was very ill and required 6 pm IV antibiotics as part of her treatment. Jane needs to get this re-ordered as the medication chart shows the older order has expired and at handover it was confirmed that Mrs. G was to continue on the antibiotics. Mrs. G is one of two of Jane’s patients going for an X-ray at 4 pm. At 3:30pm X-ray Department phones and asks for the two clients to be transported to them. Jane requests two wardsmen to assist with the transfers. Both patients were transferred to X-ray.

Jane then placed a call for the medical officer to update Mrs. G’s medication and also to get an order for pain relief for Mrs. Y as she had not responded to simple analgesic. The medical officer returned Jane’s call and said that he would order Pethidine 50 mgs for Mrs. Y and renew the antibiotic order as soon as he could.

As 5.55 pm, Mrs. Y was very distressed. Jane went to another RN and asked her to check Pethidine 50 mgs for Mrs. Y, stating that the medical officer has given a verbal order and will write it up soon. They do this together and administer the drug as per ward protocol.

Jane went to have tea. Mrs. G was still at X-ray. Meanwhile the other patient had been transferred back to the ward. Jane assumed that Mrs. G was still being treated by the x-ray staff.

Some time later, Jane noticed that Mrs. G was still not back from X-ray and she went to telephone the X-ray Department to check on Mrs. G. Her plans changed when she was called urgently to attend to Mrs. Y who was confused, sweating and agitated. It was then 7:15pm. Mrs. G’s sister visited the ward at that time and was told that Mrs. G was still in the X-ray Department. She wheeled Mrs. G back to the ward stating, “My sister was left alone and everyone in X-ray has gone.” The sister was furious. Jane immediately assessed Mrs. G and she was so unstable she initiated a Medical Emergency Team (MET) Call.

Case Study #2

A 25 years old male patient diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage after road traffic accident was kept on ventilator in intensive care unit (ICU). Patient attendants were relying for any decision on health professionals. The family was well established and was able to pay any cost to save their patient. Patient was progressing towards brain death and attendants were not informed about the situation. Patient remained on ventilator for the next seven days and then declared dead. Nurses failed to intervene as they were afraid of job insecurity. The doctor misused his authority and forced nurses to just follow the orders. The doctor was aware about patient’s condition, but kept the patient on vent to generate revenue.

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The APA format must be for healthcare professionals. Do not use Microsoft office paper formats. Include the source you used for the APA format in the reference list.

An example of an appropriate APA format text for health care professionals – http://libguides.adelphi.edu/c.php?g=433534&p=2955…

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