Basic aviation cross country planning

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Basic Aviation CrossCountry Planning Assignment 

Due date May 6, 2021

Objective:  Plan a cross-country flight in a Cessna 172 from Will Rogers Airport (OKC)

in Oklahoma City to Cox Airport at Paris, Texas (PRX) to Addison Airport (ADS) at

Dallas, Texas.  Use pre-flight planning resources available within to ensure that the flights

can be conducted safely and legally.  Departure date 4/7/21.


 Use Dallas-Ft. Worth sectional chart

 OKC departure time — 1900Z

 True Airspeed (TAS) — 110 kts

 Distances — measure in nautical miles

 Fuel Consumption — 11.0 gallons per hour

 Pilot — (name – Ace) 190 lbs. Private pilot 17 years old

 Passenger — (name – Joker) 150 lbs. Student pilot 16 years old

 Luggage — 20 lbs.

 Aircraft empty weight — 1350 lbs. & Moment 51.5 

 Fuel Tanks Full – (48 gal)  (Min. octane – 100)  12/7/19 at 1830Z

 Cessna 172 — single-engine, 150 hp, fixed pitch prop, flaps, non-retracting gear

What is the youngest legal age Ace (as PIC) could be on this x-country? ___________

The minimum medical certificate required for Ace is a _____________ Class.

What telephone number will Ace use to call for a 

Flight Service Station briefing?  ___  _____  ______  _________

When Ace received an initial FSS briefing more than six hours prior to departure, he

requested an ________ briefing.  A complete briefing an hour before the proposed

departure is a _________briefing.  Another call to the FSS just minutes prior

to the flight for a specific segment is referred to as an ___________ briefing.

A Special VFR Clearance can be requested by Ace at night.  T  F

Ace’s proposed departure time from OKC is 1900Z, convert that to local time. _________ central standard time _______ 24-hour clock time

TFR stands for _____________  ____________  ___________

Can Ace knowingly violate a FAR during an emergency?  Yes  No

Find weather surface observations (METAR) to determine if the airports    Page 2

are currently reporting VFR conditions.

 What are the cloud base(AGL), visibility(SM ) and visibility restriction  at:

OKC  —  

PRX  —

ADS  —

METAR KOKC 301245Z  28009KT / 17SM / SKC / 27/11 / A2970

METAR KPRX  301245Z  21012KT / 3SM BR/ FEW 004  SCT120 / 27/11 / A2968

METAR KADS  301246Z  18011G25 / 5SM -RA / BKN11 / 28/24 / A2974

Based on these METARs, do VFR conditions exist?  Y  N  (circle one)


(UA)  OKC UA /OV OKC/ TM 1917/ FL 045/ TP C172/ TA 11/ WV 18037/ 

 TB Occasional moderate turbulence surface to 50.  Smooth above.

1.  What kind of turbulence might Ace

expect while departing OKC to PRX?  __________________

2.  Ace may have to slow the airplane to what V-speed? _______________

3.  Why? 

4.  If Ace encountered severe turbulence, which flight

condition should he attempt to maintain?  _______________________


5.  Determine the following from the PIREP above:

Altitude – _____________  Type of aircraft – _____________

Temperature – _________    Winds aloft – _____________  

 Location – ____________   Time – ___________

6.  When unforecasted adverse weather is experienced during flight, it is

 recommended to advise the FSS with a Pilot Report (PIREP).  T  F

7.  A PIREP can be transmitted to a FSS over a communication radio.  T  F

8.  A PIREP is a portion of a FSS preflight briefing.  T  F

If the rotating beacon is in operation at ADS (1) what colors will be observed …and 

(2) it indicates what during daylight hours?

Forecasted winds/temperature aloft  (FD)  Page 3

 (Do not interpolate  —  use nearest forecast altitude)

FT  3000  6000  9000  12000 

OKC 0608  2012+17  2337+02  3337-04

On the sectional map draw true course lines, determine distances, and find magnetic

variation.  Then decode forecasted winds aloft and use OKC (FD) for all leg segments.

First leg  >>  OKC to PRX  >>  altitude    13,500 ft.

Distance ________nm  True Course (TC)  ____________ degrees  

FD_________  degrees  ________  kts  Ground speed (GS) ________  kts

Wind correction angle (WCA) ______degrees  (L or R)  Time Enroute _______min.  

True heading (TH)____degrees  Magnetic Heading (MH) ______ degrees

Isogonic value (MV)______degrees (E or W)   Fuel consumed  ____gal

What is the Density Altitude at OKC?

(Refer to Figure 8,  A2-9 and OKC METAR)

Altimeter setting _______  Conversion factor _______  Airport elevation_______

Temperature _______  Pressure Altitude _______  Density altitude _______

Ace finds this data block on the sectional chart.  Indicate the meaning of each entry.  (9 points possible)

Will Rogers  (OKC)

CT – 119.35  C  ATIS 125.85

1295  L  98

***ATTENTION: Fill in the blanks from 1 to 17 for the OKC to PRX leg only,

(also, which FSS?)  …some creativity may be necessary!  [See appendix  A]

See PRX AFD [appendix B] for the following questions 


What frequency activates the VASI for runway 35 at PRX?  __________  This VASI

has a __________ degree glide angle and threshold crossing height of __________ feet.

PRX has an AWOS:    What is it? ________  What frequency?  _______


1.  PRX has four runways/landing surfaces.  What are they?

____/____  ____/____  ____/____  ___________

2.  Based on the PRX METAR answer Ace’s landing consideration:

a. ….wind direction ________ b. wind velocity _________

c. …land on which specific runway _____

 1.  width?________  2.  length?_____  

3. landing distance available?  _____  4.  landing obstacles?  _____

 d. headwind component?  (use figure 36, page A2-29)  _____________

 e. Determine total ground roll based on sea level and 59 degrees F.

   (see note:  use figure 3, page A2-31)  ________________

f. (Refer to figure 36, page A2-29)  Determine the cross-wind component

 if Ace elects to land on runway 14.  __________

g. What does an “X” on the end of a runway indicate?  __________

According to the METAR at PRX

1.  There is a layer of scattered clouds.  Determine the cloud’s height:

a.  Above Sea Level ______   b.  Above Ground Level  _____

2.   Descending from 13,500 ft. into PRX, pictorially and quantitatively depict cloud clearances (1) above and (2) below 10,000 ft MSL.  


4.  Based on the temperature and dew point, at what altitude might Ace find cumulus

 clouds.  Demonstrate the formula.  (remember:  C to F conversion)

What ground based navigational facility near PRX will assist Ace in locating the airport?  

______________  …..on what frequency?  ______________

Locate a military training route (MTR) Ace will cross approximately 15 statute miles

Northwest of PRX…identify the types and identifiers.  ________  ___________

PRX airport lies on the PRX VOR-DME _________ degree radial.

What is the minimum radio equipment needed to land at PRX airport? _________

Pat Mayse Lake is located northwest of PRX:

a.  What is the lowest altitude Ace can fly over the lake?  ________ AGL

b.  What’s the effect on altitude if the lake was a national wildlife refuge? ______

c.  What radial range from PRX VOR does the lake lay?  _______ to _______

Approaching PRX Joker yells, “red over red”, what’s the system and what’s the concern?  __________________________

At PRX Ace performs a very hard landing and suspects the ELT was activated.  Page 5

How would he determine this?

Second Leg  >>  PRX to ADS  >>  altitude 2500 ft. (label values)

Distance _______  TC________  FD ____  ____  GS ______  WCA ____ L or R

TH _____  Time enroute______ Fuel  _____ MV ______  MH _______

On what ground based  Navigational Facility frequency near PRX would Ace communicate

with FSS?  _________  which FSS? ____________________

Seventeen miles southwest of PRX Ace observes another airplane at his 12 o’clock

position, opposite direction, and at the same altitude.  What should both pilots do?

Upon arriving at ADS, Ace notes that the control tower controller isn’t answering his

radio calls.  He continues toward the airport and observes a steady green light directed 

toward him from the control tower. (1)  What does it mean and (2) what will he do?

What radio frequencies will be used for the ADS arrival?  (See sectional)

 ATIS ______  Ground control _______ Tower ________  Approach _______


(1)  Draw the route of this entire x-country on the reverse side of this page and

(2)  encircle the segments where a transponder with Mode C is required.

Which airports (ADS, PRX, OKC) are physically within the following airspace classes

Class A ___  Class B ___  Class C ___  Class D ___  Class E ___  Class G ____

What symbols on the sectional chart did you use to determine the answers above?

Determine the following airspace altitude:  …..carefully…. Very carefully  

base of Class E over PRX _______MSL  top of Class B over ADS ______MSL

base of Class B over ADS_______AGL  base of Class B at ADS  ______MSL

top of Class C at OKC  _______MSL  top of Class D over ADS ______MSL

base of a Victor Airway  _______AGL  base of Class C at OKC  ______AGL

top of Class A over PRX  _______MSL  top of Class G over PRX ______AGL

Can Ace legally use your Dallas – Ft. Worth aeronautical chart for his proposed flight?  

Y  N  Why? 

FAA Advisory Circulars containing subject matter specifically related to Airspace

are issued under which subject number?  ________

 Weight and Balance  Page 6  

Use the weight and balance graph (figure 34, page A2-27) to determine if Ace loaded the plane properly before he departs OKC.  Refer to all “Givens on 1st page”….empty weight, oil, etc.

Total Gross Weight _________ Moment _______  C.G.  ______ inches aft of datum line

….is within center of gravity envelope?  Y  N

Items  Weight  Moment






Ace banks onto final, experiences a load factor of “2”.  His seat supports _________lbs.


Assuming full fuel, does Ace have enough fuel for this entire x-country flight?

(GIVEN:  2 gallons of fuel are used for ground operations at each airport).

 a. enough fuel?  Y  N  gal. consumed

 b.  How many pounds of fuel were consumed? _______  leg 1 – ______

 c.  What is VFR day fuel reserve?  _________  leg 2 – ______

 d.  Can auto gas be substituted?    Y  N    ground ops – ______

   Total gallons- ______

Based on Appendix B, Ace decides to refuel at PRX.  The airport operator is temporarily out of 

100 Low Lead avgas.   

(1)   Can he substitute another fuel?  Y  N    Explain:

(2)  If Ace needs fuel at night in PRX, he will call telephone # _________________


FAA Advisory Circulars containing subject matter specially

related to Airmen are issued under which subject number?  ______

To celebrate the upcoming flight, Ace has a beer party.  What do the FARs dictate?

If Ace’s Third Class medical certificate was issued on January 17, 2017,  

is it still current? Y  N  Explain…

Ace was invited to go scuba diving three hours prior to this 

flight…what is physiologically wrong with this scenario?

Smoking tobacco products while flying a Cessna 172 is not prohibited by FARs,  however it should be avoided by pilots and passengers.  List at least 7 reasons:  (1 point each)

A recreational pilot certificate is:  (circle all that apply)  Page 7

 a. used exclusively by astronauts in Iowa

 b. restrictive

 c. what a family of six needs

 d. covered in FAR Part 61

 e. guarantees employment at NASA

What term would Ace voice over the communications

radio to announce an emergency? __________________

Hyperventilation decreases carbon dioxide in the blood. T  F

A biennial flight review is valid for ____  ___________ months.

What percentage of time should Ace scan for other traffic? ______

Is Ace’s pilot logbook required to be in the plane during flight?  Y N


What documents are required to be:

 In the airplane?  On the pilot?

Are aircraft maintenance logbooks required to be in the plane during flight?  Y  N

What is the VFR transponder code? __________

What color is the instrument panel lighting?  _______

Aircraft position lights are required to be illuminated from _________ to ____________.

(Refer to figure 4, page A-2-5)  The Va speed is _______________.  

During an emergency, what…..Transponder code_______ Communications freq_______

What effect does applying carburetor heat have on 

(1)  engine performance and (2) mixture?

The airplane hasn’t flown for three weeks, nor were the fuel tanks filled after its

last flight.  During the preflight examination what must be done and why?

What special check should be made during a preflight examination after it has Page 8

been stored outside during the summer for an extended period of time?

What dangers exist while closely following a heavy 747 on the final approach?

Are magnetic compass acceleration/deceleration related errors a factor on the 

flight from PRX to ADS?  Y N  Why?

At what speed will this Cessna 172 stall? 

What V-speed would provide the greatest gain in altitude in the least amount of time?

and where is this information found?  ____________  __________


Determine if the aircraft is legal, logbook inspection on 12/7/2020 indicates the following:


 Transponder/static:  Last certification Dec 7, 2020  Y  N

 Annual inspection:  Completed April 2, 2020  Y  N

The aircraft annual inspection will expire at midnight….day____ month____ year_____

Can a 100 hour inspection be used in lieu of an annual inspection?  Y    N


Explain why atmospheric pressures change globally.___________

What is an embedded thunderstorm? ______________________

List  characteristics of:  Unstable Air  Stable Air





Standard pressure at sea level _____ Standard temperature at sea level _____

One of the most easily recognized discontinuities with a frontal passage is a change in ______________and one weather phenomenon which will always occur when flying across a front is a change in the ______________.

Define the term dew point.

What phenomenon is always associated with a thunderstorm? ______________  Page 9

(Refer to figure 18, page A2-13)…Find the Kirksville Airport weather symbol on 

the weather depiction chart and determine the cloud coverage.  ____________

Which flight leg would Ace have the highest susceptibility to carbon monoxide poisoning?  _______ to _______  Why? __________________

What conditions are most favorable for carburetor icing?  __________  __________

Clouds, fog, or dew will always form when what occurs? ___________________ 

Federal Aviation Regulations

Is supplemental oxygen required on any part of this x-country?  Y  N


What are the international languages?  Aviation _________ Other _______

When must an ELT battery be replaced? 1. __________ 2._________

Can objects be dropped from an airborne aircraft?   Y  N

When must seat belts be used by:  FLIGHT CREW ________________________________

PASSENGERS ___________________________________________  

Joker offered Ace a financial gratuity for the opportunity to accompany him.

Can Ace accept compensation and if so, how much and for what?

Except for certain provisions, Ace is required to wear a parachute if any intentional

maneuver exceeds _____° of bank or ______° nose-up or nose-down.

The maximum indicated airspeed for flight below 10,000 feet MSL, unless otherwise

authorized or requested by ATC, is_____ knots.  …..if ATC assigned Ace this airspeed, what would be his response?  (use figure 4, page A2-5)

(Ace logged three different flights on 10/17/19.) On this flight he elects to carry Joker as a passenger. Describe pilot currency requirements allowing this.  (***three segment answer)

Who is responsible for closing a VFR Flight Plan? _____________  

Ace moved from his permanent address in Kirksville to Buzz, Ohio on 1/21/21.

a. Who must Ace notify __________  b.  & within what time period? __________

Can a student pilot carry passengers without a CFI? Y  N  Page 10

Is a “type rating” required to fly a Cessna 172? Y  N

Is a “high performance” logbook endorsement

required to fly a Cessna 172?    Y  N

Can a student pilot enter Class B airspace?  Y  N


All turns in a non-tower airport traffic pattern are left unless otherwise indicated…

….describe the pattern procedure at ADS when Class D Airspace is in effect.

The legal aviation definition of nighttime is the time between dusk and dawn.  T  F


Ace had an accident causing substantial damage to his plane.

What are the NTSB notification requirements?

May the aircraft wreckage be moved prior to the time NTSB takes custody?  

Y  N  Explain

General Operations  

What airport is found at the following coordinates?  N35-39.9  W095-57.0

VFR approaches to land at night should be

accomplished the same as during daytime.  T  F

The flag symbol at Tuttle, OK, located 12 nm southwest of OKC represents what? 

Frost on an aircraft decreases lift and increases drag.  T  F

The highest accumulation of structural icing during flight occurs in _______ ________ 

and develops ____________ type ice.

A transponder has _______ possible codes.

An ADF navigation radio receives  AM  FM  radio signals.  (circle one)

__________ controls airspeed and ___________controls altitude. (both begin with P)

How many satellites make up the Global Positioning System (GPS)?  ________

An inclinometer is found in which instrument________.  

An airplane’s master switch turns on/off the cockpit electrical system.  T  F

Ace turns off the engine with the:  Magneto switch  Master switch  Mixture control  (circle one)

Block 15 (refer to Appendix A) represents the number of ________aboard the aircraft.   Page 11

One of the main functions of flaps during an approach is to ________________________

without _________________________.

The angle of attack is the angle between the _______ ________ and the ______ ______.

Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with an aircraft Airworthiness Directive. _________

Acrobatic flights are prohibited over a congested area of a city, town, or settlement.  T  F

Who is directly responsible for the pre-launch briefing of the passengers for a flight? ________

Ace deviated from the FARs during an in-flight emergency: (check correct answer(s))

 ______  Can he be sent to prison.

 ______ He is required to submit a written report.

 ______  He lived but committed suicide.

A radar controller gives Ace the following radar vector, “fly heading 270 and maintain 2000 feet.”  This would cause him to fly directly through a cumulus cloud.  What should he do and say?

Ace knows a cute little nurse who gave him a container of oxygen from the hospital for this flight.  Can he legally use it?  Y  N  explain

The ___________ is responsible for determining if an aircraft is in condition for safe flight.  

Validation exercise business analytics | Business & Finance homework help

This assignment provides you an opportunity to utilize the functions and tools of Excel to solve a basic analytics scenario: data validation.  The purpose of this assignment is to use Excel to quickly identify the possible errors within the database, and not to visually examine all 6,000+ database records.  

The HR tab in Hospital.xlsx file contains the employee records downloaded from the Human Resource database of a fictitious hospital. As with any acquired data, you must be aware of the limitations of your dataset.  

The sourcing database for Hospital.xlsx has a limit of twenty (20) characters for the Address 1 and Address 2 fields.  Therefore, truncated addresses are not considered errors. The only errors in the Address fields that can be easily identified in Excel would be a missing address or an address of insufficient length to contain a deliverable address. Six characters is the minimum length for an address (e.g. “1 U St”.)   

To accurately identify the possible errors in the Address 1 field, through Excel, you would need to create a parsing algorithm to correctly determine the components of an address including the primary address number, pre-directional, street name, suffix, post-directional, secondary address identifier, and secondary address.  Compound this with the Address 1 truncation issue and the creation of such an algorithm would be way too advanced for this course.  Therefore, there are NO Address 1 fields errors except a missing address or an address of insufficient length to contain a deliverable address.

Data is required in all fields except Address 2 and Phone. If a phone number is entered it must adhere to the 999-999-9999 format.  No rules concerning cases exist for any field.

Both five-digit zip codes and zip+4 zip codes are allowed in the Postal Code field.  Also, remember that a zip code may have more than one authorized city or spelling. Only one US zip code in Arizona (85142) crosses county lines.

On the Errors tab in Hospital.xlsx file, document each error by identifying the location of the error (ID Number), the type of error (omission, range, data entry, etc.), the correct information if known, and the formula used to identify the error.  You receive 1/2 point for each error record identified; i.e. even if a record contains more than one error, you receive only 1/2 point for that record. At least 100 data error records exist in this file.  Extra credit is available. 

Fifty percent of the score for this assignment is using Excel functionality correctly, e.g.. using functions such as LEN, TRIM, CONCATENATE, IF and Boolean logic, and lookup, match and index logic.  A well done assignment is a combination of finding a large number of erroneous records and doing it using Excel logic as opposed to manually identifying erroneous records.

An additional file name Zipcode.xlsx is available as a reference. 

Remember, use Excel to sort and filter the database. Also, use the lookup and reference; text; and logical functions to complete this assignment. If you do not explain how the error was identified, you do not get credit for the error.

Tax assignment | Accounting homework help


You will be expected to complete a tax return manually (not by the aid of a computer). 

For this assignment, you will complete an individual Federal income tax return (Form 1040) for a client.  See attached the taxpayer information and additional instructions to complete the return.  Please CAREFULLY read the attached instructions. 





Math homework | Biology homework help

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    Six types of power | wcm510


    2-1 Discussion: Six Types of Power   


    As a first step toward crafting your discussion post, review the short video, Six Bases of Power for Leaders, from this module’s assigned resources.

    Now, apply the six types of power identified in the video to the Netflix case study, which you read about last week.

    1. Official (positional) power

    2. Transactional (reward) power

    3. Coercive power

    4. Knowledge (information) power

    5. Charismatic

    6. Principle-centered (social)

    Consider the types of power that Sharon Slade, the chief human resources officer (CHRO) at Netflix, has in this situation. In your initial post, first describe the six types of power Sharon possesses. Then, provide examples that show how Sharon may exhibit this type of power during the negotiations. Finally, provide a reason why this type of power is important in this setting. Use the example below as a guide.

    Example—Official (positional) power: This is the power that comes from the title/position. For example, Sharon has authority in human resource matters, as defined by the scope of her role as the CHRO. She can draw on her knowledge of the company’s policies and the law during the negotiations to drive a fair bargain.

    Patients spiritual needs | Nursing homework help

    In addition to the topic study materials, use the chart you completed and questions you answered in the Topic 3 about “Case Study: Healing and Autonomy” as the basis for your responses in this assignment.

    Answer the following questions about a patient’s spiritual needs in light of the Christian worldview.

    1. In 200-250 words, respond to the following: Should the physician allow Mike to continue making decisions that seem to him to be irrational and harmful to James, or would that mean a disrespect of a patient’s autonomy? Explain your rationale.
    2. In 400-500 words, respond to the following: How ought the Christian think about sickness and health? How should a Christian think about medical intervention? What should Mike as a Christian do? How should he reason about trusting God and treating James in relation to what is truly honoring the principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence in James’s care?
    3. In 200-250 words, respond to the following: How would a spiritual needs assessment help the physician assist Mike determine appropriate interventions for James and for his family or others involved in his care?

    Remember to support your responses with the topic study materials.

    While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

    This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

    You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.

    Benchmark Information

    This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:

    BS in Health Sciences 1.2; BS Nursing (RN to BSN ) 5.2

    Assess for the spiritual needs and provide appropriate interventions for individuals, families, and groups.


    Devry university chicago ac505 quiz solution101 ac 505 quiz test /


    DeVry University Chicago AC505 Quiz Test 101 AC 505 Quiz Test

    Managerial Accounting Exam 4


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    Part I – Multiple Guess  (135 points)

    1.         A segment of a business responsible for both revenues and expenses would be called:

    A)  a cost center.

    B)  an investment center.

    C)  a profit center.

    D)  residual income.

    Lanta Restaurant compares monthly operating results with a static budget prepared at the beginning of the year. When actual sales are less than budget, would the restaurant usually report favorable variances on variable food costs and fixed supervisory salaries?

    Food Costs

    Supervisory Salaries













    3.         All other things equal, a company’s return on investment (ROI) would generally increase when:

    A)  average operating assets increase.

    B)  sales decrease.

    C)  operating expenses decrease.

    D)  operating expenses increase.

    4.         The performance of the manager of Division A is measured by residual income. Which of the following would increase the manager’s performance measure?

    A)  Increase in average operating assets.

    B)  Decrease in average operating assets.

    C)  Increase in minimum required return.

    D)  Decrease in net operating income.

    5.               Consider the following three statements:                  

    A profit center has control over both cost and revenue.

    An investment center has control over invested funds, but not over costs and revenue.

    A cost center has no control over sales

                            Which statement(s) is/are correct?

    A)  Only I

    B)  Only II

    C)  Only I and III

    D)  Only I and II

    6.         A company’s return on investment is the:  

    A)  margin divided by turnover.

    B)  margin multiplied by turnover.

    C)  turnover divided by average operating assets.

    D)  turnover multiplied by average operating assets.

    E)  none of the above.

    7.         Delmar Corporation is considering the use of residual income as a measure of the performance of its divisions. What major disadvantage of this method should the company consider before deciding to institute it?  

    A)  this method does not make allowance for difference in the size of compared divisions.

    B)  opportunities may be undertaken which will decrease the overall return on investment.

    C)  the minimum required rate of return may eliminate desirable opportunities from consideration.

    D)  residual income does not measure how effectively the division manager controls costs.

    E)  none of the above.

    8.         Which department is usually held responsible for an unfavorable materials quantity variance?  

    A)  Marketing.

    B)  Purchasing.

    C)  Engineering.

    D)  Production.

    E)  None of the above.

    9.         A major weakness of flexible budgets is that:  

    A)  they are geared only to a single level of activity.

    B)  they give subordinates too much flexibility.

    C)  they force the manager to compare actual costs at one level of activity to budgeted costs at a different level of activity.

    D)  none of these.

    10.       In a job order cost system, the amount of overhead cost that has been applied to a job that remains incomplete at the end of a period:

    A.  is deducted on the Income Statement as overapplied overhead.

    B)  is closed to Cost of Goods Sold.

    C)  is transferred to Finished Goods at the end of the period.

    D)  is part of the ending balance of the Work in Process inventory account.

    E)  none of the above.

    11.       Which one of the following costs would not be considered an indirect cost of serving a particular customer at a Pizza Hut franchise?

                A)  The salary of the franchise’s manager.

          B)        The cost of the tables and chairs used to furnish the restaurant.

          C)        The cost of the dough used to make the pizza that is ordered.

          D)        The cost of lighting and heating the restaurant.

    12.       If a company applies overhead to jobs on the basis of a predetermined overhead rate, a credit balance in the Manufacturing Overhead account at the end of any period means that:

    A)  more overhead cost has been charged to jobs than has been incurred during the period.

    B)  more overhead cost has been incurred during the period than has been charged to jobs.

    C)  the amount of overhead cost charged to jobs is greater than the estimated cost for the period.

    D)  the amount of overhead cost charged to jobs is less than the estimated overhead cost for the period.

    E)  none of the above.

    13.       Which of the following statements is (are) true?

                A)  Companies that produce many different products or services are more likely to use job-order costing systems than process costing systems.

          B)        Job-order costing systems are used by service firms and process costing systems are used by manufacturers.

          C)        Costs are traced to departments and then allocated to units of product when job-order costing is used.

          D)        All of the above.

    14.                   The Precision Company used a predetermined overhead rate last year of $3 per direct labor hour, based on an estimate of 24,000 direct labor hours to be worked during the year. Actual costs and activity during the year were:

                            Actual manufacturing overhead cost incurred            $84,000

                            Actual direct labor hours worked                                 27,000

                A)  $3,000 underapplied.

          B)        $3,000 overapplied.

          C)        $12,000 underapplied.

          D)        $12,000 overapplied.

    15        Variable cost:

                A)  increases on a per unit basis as the number of units produced increases.

          B)        remains constant on a per unit basis as the number of units produced increases.

          C)        remains the same in total as production increases.

          D)        decreases on a per unit basis as the number of units produced increases.

    16.                   Setting up equipment is an example of a:

                A)  Unit-level activity.

          B)        Batch-level activity.

          C)        Product-level activity.

          D)        Facility-level activity.

    17.                   Which of the following statements regarding fixed costs is incorrect?

                A)  Expressing fixed costs on a per unit basis usually is the best approach for decision-making.

          B)        Fixed costs expressed on a per unit basis will react inversely with changes in activity.

          C)        Assumptions by accountants regarding the behavior of fixed costs rest heavily on the concept of the relevant range.

          D)        Fixed costs frequently represent long-term investments in property, plant, and equipment.

    18.                   Expense A is a fixed cost; expense B is a variable cost. During the current year the activity level has increased, but is still within the relevant range. In terms of cost per unit of activity, we would expect that:

                A)  expense A has remained unchanged.

          B)        expense B has decreased.

          C)        expense A has decreased.

          D)        expense B has increased.

    19.       Last year, Black Company reported sales of $640,000, a contribution margin of $160,000, and a net loss of $40,000. Based on this information, the break-even point was:

                A)  $640,000.

          B)        $480,000.

    C)   $800,000.


    E)    None of the above

    Use the following to answer questions 20-21:

    The following is Allison Corporation’s contribution format income statement for last month:



      Less variable expenses


      Contribution margin


      Less fixed expenses


      Net income


    The company has no beginning or ending inventories. The company produced and sold 10,000 units last month.

    20.       What is the company’s contribution margin ratio?

                A)  62.5%

          B)        160.0%

          C)        500%

          D)        20%

    21.       If sales increase by 200 units, by how much should net income increase?

                A)  $16,000

          B)        $5,000


    D)  $10,000

    E)    None of the above

    22.       Beaver Company used a predetermined overhead rate last year of $2 per direct labor hour, based on an estimate of 25,000 direct labor hours to be worked during the year. Actual costs and activity during the year were:

        Actual manufacturing overhead cost incurred


        Actual direct labor hours worked


                            The under- or overapplied overhead last year was:

                A)  $1,000 underapplied.

          B)        $1,000 overapplied.

          C)        $3,000 overapplied.

          D)        $2,000 underapplied.

    23.                   Under Lamprey Company’s job-order costing system, manufacturing overhead is applied to Work in Process inventory using a predetermined overhead rate. During January, Lamprey’s transactions included the following:

      Direct materials issued to production

    $ 90,000

      Indirect materials issued to production


      Manufacturing overhead cost incurred


      Manufacturing overhead cost applied


      Direct labor cost incurred


                            Lamprey Company had no beginning or ending inventories. What was the cost of goods manufactured for January?

                A)  $302,000

          B)        $310,000

          C)        $322,000

          D)        $330,000

    E)    None of the above

    24.       An unfavorable labor efficiency variance indicates that:

                A)  The actual labor rate was higher than the standard labor rate.

          B)        The labor rate variance must also be unfavorable.

          C)        Actual labor hours worked exceeded standard labor hours for the production level achieve.

          D)        Overtime labor was used during the period.

                E)   None of the above.

    25.       A favorable labor rate variance indicates that

                A)  actual hours exceed standard hours.

          B)        standard hours exceed actual hours.

          C)        the actual rate exceeds the standard rate.

          D)        the standard rate exceeds the actual rate.

                E)   None of the above.

    26.       If the actual labor hours worked exceed the standard labor hours allowed, what type of variance will occur?

                A)  Favorable labor efficiency variance.

          B)        Favorable labor rate variance.

          C)        Unfavorable labor efficiency variance.

          D)        Unfavorable labor rate variance.

                E)   None of the above.

    27.       Which of the following statements is true?

    One of the weaknesses of budgets is that they are of little value in uncovering potential bottlenecks in an organization

    One of the advantages of a self-imposed budget is that the person directly involved in an activity is more likely to be in a position to make good budget estimates.

    A)  Statement I

    B)  Statement II

    C)  Neither statement is true.

    D)  Both statements are true.

    28.       Which of the following statements is true?

    A direct material quantity standard generally includes an allowance for waste.

    An unfavorable labor rate variance can occur if workers with high hourly wage rates are assigned to work on products whose standards assume workers with low hourly wage rates.

    A)  Statement I

    B)  Statement II

    C) Neither statement is true.

    D)  Both statements are true.

    29.       Which of the following statements is true?

    Fixed costs should not be included in a flexible budget since such costs are not likely to be controllable by managers.

    The static budget should be used primarily to determine whether cost control is being maintained.

    A)  Statement I

    B)  Statement II

    C) Neither statement is true.

    D)  Both statements are true.

    30.             Which of the following statements is true?

    In a standard cost system, overhead is applied on the basis of the actual level of activity rather than the standard level of activity allowed for the output of a period.

    A company has a standard cost system in which fixed and variable manufacturing overhead costs are applied to products on the basis of direct labor-hours. The company’s choice of the denominator level of activity has no effect on the fixed overhead budget variance.

    A)  Statement I

    B)  Statement II

    C) Neither statement is true.

    D)  Both statements are true.

    Part II – Problems  (65 points)

    1.      The Lopez Company uses standard costing its manufacturing plant for auto-parts.  The standard cost of a particular auto-part, based on a denominator level of 4,000 output units per year, budgeted variable overhead of $192,000, and budgeted fixed overhead of $360,000 is as follows:

    Input per unit

    Direct materials

    3 lbs. at $5 per lb.

    Direct labor

    5 hrs. at $15 per hour

    Variable overhead

    6 machine hours

    Fixed overhead

    6 machine hours

    There was no beginning or ending raw materials inventory, actual production was 4,400 units, and actual costs were as follows.


    Total Cost

    Direct materials

    13,460 lbs


    Direct labor

    21,500 hours


    Variable overhead

    28,400 hours


    Fixed overhead

    28,400 hours


    Calculate the following variances. Be sure to indicate favorable or unfavorable!  (40 points)

    Materials Price Variance: ___________________

    Materials Quantity Variance: ___________________

    Direct Labor Efficiency Variance: ___________________

    Direct Labor Rate Variance: ___________________

    Variable OH Spending Variance: ___________________

    Variable OH Efficiency Variance: ___________________

    Fixed OH Volume Variance: ___________________

    Fixed OH Budget Variance: ___________________


    2.         Seco Corp., a wholesale supply company, uses independent sales agents to market the company’s products. These agents currently receive a commission of 20% of sales, but are demanding an increase to 25% of sales. Seco had already prepared its budget for next year before learning of the sales agents’ demand for an increase in commissions. That budgeted income statement appears below:


    Budgeted Income Statement



      Cost of sales


      Gross margin


      Selling and administrative expenses:



        All other expenses (fixed)



      Net income

    $  1,900,000

                Seco is considering the possibility of employing its own salespersons. Three individuals would be required, at a salary of $30,000 each, plus commissions of 5% of sales. In addition, a sales manager would be employed at a fixed annual salary of $160,000.

                            Required: (25 points)

    Compute Seco’s break-even point in sales dollars based upon the company’s budgeted income statement, assuming that the company continues to use independent sales agents and that they are paid the old commission rate of 20% of sales.

    b.   Compute Seco’s break-even point in sales dollars, assuming that the company employs its own salespersons.

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