International hospitality | Marketing homework help

(5 typed pages, double spaced-APA style) 

Each student will write information on an international hospitality company (hotel, restaurant, coffee, casino, cruise line, etc). This company can be from the U.S. or overseas. 

Format: (1) History; (2) Identify past and current problems: customer service management, finance, culture, religion, legal, ethics, marketing, human resources, product development, government regulation, joint venture, or other related problems; (3) Your best solutions; and (4) Based on your best solutions, what are the significant impacts and improvements for the company?

References, citations, and general style of papers for this project should follow APA style (as outlined in the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association).

Healthcare system trade-offs & organizational strategic leadership

  Part I

The Trade-Off Analysis

In considering healthcare system trade-offs, politics plays a major role. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the current Medicaid system in the United States based on individual state policies is important to the political and legal platforms each state faces. As organizations seek to implement HMIS and IT program development, upgrades, and evaluations the organizations must be capable of separating the IT failures, budget overruns, and exogenous changes in enrollment that affect the healthcare system. In a minimum of 250 words, discuss the following:

Who is responsible on the state political level to propose legislature to overcome healthcare organizations concerns (trade-off) relating to patient enrollment and budget overruns?

What is Georgia’s responsibility in preparation for healthcare change such as the ACA?

How do healthcare leaders best integrate pre-existing conditions and long-term illness?

Must use at least one scholarly source and document all sources in APA style.

Part II

Overcoming Public Disinterestedness

Understanding the responsibility and concerns of healthcare is important in creating policies that leadership can use to streamline success. If strategic leadership is not realized over time, healthcare organizations’ political influences may face challenges and create public disinterestedness in health policies. These issues create restrictions on the healthcare organization’s ability to meet its financial budget, gain the community’s trust and involvement, and secure political influence(s). This negatively impacts the overall performance of the healthcare organization. The ideas of process innovation, risk-taking, health building analysis, and governance greatly impacts “sense-making” for those being led. These ideas bring understanding to the role of governance in the organization. Review the case study “Australian Surgery Indicator Makes the Front Page” in the attachment and discuss the following questions in a minimum of 250 words:

After your review, do the conclusions you draw from the case justify the headline? Why or why not? 

Discuss the indications found in Table 15-1 and their effect on the health care organizations’ efficiency in elective surgery.

Evaluate the avoidable rate of canceled surgeries and develop an implementation plan to overcome the concerns.

Develop a mini policy to address the issues between the doctors and the organization.

Must use at least one scholarly source in addition to the source in the attachment and document all sources in APA style.

software system, software products | Computer Science homework help


Part A (1000 words): Annotated Bibliography – Create an annotated bibliography that focuses on ONE particular aspect of current Software Engineering that face a world with different cultural standards. At least seven (7) peer-reviewed articles must be used for this exercise.

Part B (3000 words):

Research Report – Write a report of the analysis and synthesis using the (Part A) foundational Annotated Bibliography

Part C (500 words): Why is it important to try to minimize complexity in a software system.

Part D (500 words): What are the advantages and disadvantages to companies that are developing software products that use cloud servers to support their development process?

Part E (500 words): Explain why each microservice should maintain its own data. Explain how data in service replicas can be kept consistent?

It concept research paper analysis and explanation

  Please use the attached “Guidelines for Evaluating a Research Article” to answer the below questions:

  • What is an Information Technology Project?  
  • Identify & explain the major parts of a research paper.
  • Explain the difference(s) between qualitative vs quantitative research methods.
  • Why use Peer-Reviewed journals?
  • Why are keywords used during the Literature Review process?
  • Why are project deliverables, limitations & deadlines an important aspect of project development?
  • Why use/apply APA Basic Citation Stiles in your writing assignments/research?
  • Why is Academic Integrity important (see syllabus)?
  • Explain the difference between plagiarism vs self-plagiarism?

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Assignment should be 3 – 5 pages (not including cover & reference page)
  • Use at least three – five (3 – 5 ) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.
  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page do not count toward the page count.

community nursing diagnosis | Nursing homework help


elect one of the community nursing diagnosis in chapter 16 and develop at least one program goal and two related outcomes. Discuss the rationale for your selection of the priority problem.

100-word minimum/200-word maximum without the references.

Minimum of two references (the course textbook can be one of the references) in APA format, articles chosen must have been published within last 3-5 years.

 Situation 1Howard County is a suburban county with a rapidly increasing number of older adults. The assessment data indicate the presence of only one taxicab company serving that area. No public bus system is available.Obviously, the problem is lack of transportation; but how might this be worded in nursing diagnosis format?Suggestion:Altered health-seeking behaviors related to inadequate transportation services for senior citizensHowever, inadequate transportation probably also affects other areas of seniors’ lives, such as socialization and community participation. If this factor were validated through further assessment, an additional diagnosis might be as follows:Impaired social interactions related to inadequate transportation for senior citizens

Situation 2Students in Johnson High test very low on an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) awareness survey. Further investigation reveals that no information is provided to the students, and the parents do not want information taught in the school. Ninety-eight percent of the students stated that they do not believe they are in any danger of getting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).Suggestion:Lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS in high school students related to:

  • Inadequate information provided in school curriculum
  • Parental attitudes about the disease
  • Perception that they are not at risk for the disease

Situation 3Assessment data indicate that a high number of children at Little Joy Day Care Center have low hematocrit levels and median household incomes less than $15,000 per year. Both parents and children scored very low on a nutrition game.

Suggestion:Altered health maintenance among children at Little Joy Day Care Center related to lack of knowledge about foods high in iron and to low median household income

Statistics math | math 510 bussiness statistics | Strayer University



Scatter Diagram Analysis

The regional sales manager for American Toys, Inc., recently collected data on weekly sales (in dollars) for the 15 stores in his region. He also collected data on the number of salesclerk work hours during the week for each of the stores. The data are as follows:


To complete this assignment:

  1. Use Excel to develop a scatter diagram of the data, including dependent and independent variables on their correct axis.
  2. In a Word document, analyze the relationship between sales and number of clerk hours worked.
  3. Conclude, based on the scatter diagram, what adjustments the sales manager might make to address the relationship between sales and number of clerk hours worked. 
  4. Submit your work in a Word document with your Excel file attached.  

See attachment for original format

Case study: opening your new dunkin donuts locations

Assumption and Context: You have been the manager of a Dunkin Donuts store in the Midwest for the past two years. The store is owned by a Dunkin Donuts franchisee who owns 20 other Dunkin Donuts locations. Your employer took an employee inventory and examined all current employees. It has been noted by the owner that you have a highly successful track record. You have been recognized for doing an exceptional job staffing, leading, training, coaching, and managing people. You have been recognized for successfully managing all key components of your store and have successfully managed key business drivers such as cash, profits, growth, asset utilization and people. In regards to the metrics that are used to measure their stores for sales, quality, and customer service, your store is the top performing store in their system. 

Congratulations! You have just been promoted to District Manager! The Dunkin Donuts franchisee sees your growth potential and the growth potential in your geographic area. The owner now has committed significant capital and plans to open five new locations over the next two years. You will be given complete autonomy, authority, and responsibility to structure, staff, and operate these five new locations. You will be playing a key role in this expansion for growth.   

Assignment: Prepare a five-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), including at least three scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. In your paper, explain your chosen job design, organizational design, your recruiting strategy and methods, and your training and performance appraisal process as the new District Manager for Dunkin Donuts. 
You must organize your paper using the following section headings and include additional section headings as needed: 

  1. Introduction 
  2. Job Design 
  3. Organizational Design 
  4. Recruiting and Selection
  5. Training and Performance Appraisals
  6. Conclusion

4 page research paper | Computer Science homework help

  Write a four (4) page research summary paper in APA format in which you:  

  • Investigate alternative tools and frameworks for building web services (do not use ASP.NET)
  • Talk about specific tools, ie software platforms, OSes, and computing architectures 
  • What software is needed and compare this with other common approaches for Mobile development
  • To what community/constituent group (personal or enterprise) is this type of Mobile development targeted
  • Argue the need for cross-platform Mobile development frameworks.

Project paper | Computer Science homework help

Your final report will consist of your project topic, external system analysis (i.e. Blog 2), set of user requirements (i.e. P2: Personas) and prototype with detailed. explanations for all design considerations. Design considerations should be informed by existing literature, whether the textbook or other resources. Your prototype should consist of a minimal of 3 system mock-ups with detailed descriptions for each.

Example: If I were to redesign my academic social network, SocialXYZ to be mobile friendly, I might showcase 3 distinct views of the new system including one for the homepage, another for the discussion board and a third for the profile since those feature are very important for how I use the system. For each of these views, I would use Photoshop or another image editor (even MS Paint would work) to redesign the look and feel of the system as it should look on a smartphone. These design considerations would relate back to the textbook.

Report Grading Rubric

Introduction (2.5pts): The introduction will provide an overview of the system you plan to (re)design.

Background (5pts): The background will integrate Blog 2 (Analysis of Existing Systems) and P2 (Requirements Gathering). In this section, identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing systems and what design considerations you, as the designer, have considered. In this space, you will want to include screenshots and / or mock-ups of those existing systems. You should not include any components of the system you plan to propose.

Design (30pts): The design section will include at least 3 detailed screenshots of your proposed system with detailed explanations. You can construct mock-ups using any techniques available. There are lots of free-Photoshop alternatives, so I encourage you to explore them. Each mock-up should also be accompanied by a detailed description of the design and how it relates to material discussed in this course.

Textbook Terms: (10pts) Bold and include at least 10 HCI-Related Terms from the textbook, class notes or slides.

Conclusion (2.5pts): Your conclusion should highlight your overall approach and summarize your work.

References (5pts): Include a minimum of 5 resources / references that provided you with information for your system. Resources may consist of personal interviews, system documentation, newspaper, magazine, or journal articles, websites, etc. Follow proper MLA formatting.

Formatting (5pts): Spelling and grammar should be thoroughly checked before submitting your work. Points are deducted for spelling/keyboarding and grammatical errors. All work should be attempted using the SocialXYZ wiki. If do not use the wiki, reports must be double spaced using a 12-point font and 1″ (inch) side margins. Heading should be used to designate appropriate sections of the paper.

Format: PDF document 

Notes: Please note that your paper is a culmination of much of the work you have already done (SUS analysis, Personas) with added sections for your system design. Regarding the prototype, keep in mind that it is a non-working prototype, which simply means it will consist of 3 system mock-ups (aka renderings / drawings / screenshots) of your proposed system along with explanations for your design considerations. If you are having grave difficulty using software, you may hand-draw / sketch your design. Remember, the primary goal of this exercise is to get your concept across and provide some rationale, so have fun with the design. Also, if you have any concerns, please consult me. I’ll help out, of course. Finally, I have provided a paper template that you can follow. Considering that your paper will include numerous screenshots, please shoot for a minimum of 5 pages.